Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Best Part of Waking Up Is Tasting Patrick on His Coffee Cup

Neither of the YouTube channels I use to watch General Hospital were updated today, so unfortunately, no screen shots from the episode (and boy, do I love my screen shots). But I do have a few thoughts on the episode to share, sans the visuals ...

First, thank goodness today was a little more exciting than yesterday. And trust me, compared to the sleep-inducing hour that was yesterday's episode, watching Mike flip pancakes at Kelly's would have been more exciting. But who needs Mike and pancakes when you have Lisa acting about eight shades of crazy? I have to say, the wackier she gets, the more entertained I become. And suddenly Googling men I'm interested in doesn't seem quite so stalkerish when you compare it to molesting someone's coffee cup. I mean, really ... "I can taste you on this cup"?! Hey Shadybrook ... "Incoming!" Dr. Lisa Niles is coming at you like a torpedo! Start changing the linens and getting a room ready.

While her coffee cup trick was ultra creepy, her "let me jump out from under this blanket in my fancy underwear" trick was just flat-out pathetic. Meanwhile, was the sex with Steve that bad that she's this hot for Patrick? I would have expected more from those abs, I mean, that man.

Quite honestly, almost as disturbing as Lisa's antics was the fact that anyone can still enter and exit Dante's loft at will. Why has that man not gotten a lock on the door, or disabled that freight elevator?! A cop in a crime-ridden town, and he might as well be sleeping on a park bench with all the random foot traffic that's around him. Today, it was Ronnie D. walking in on Dante and Lulu nekkid in bed. Who lives like that?

Oh, and Baby Aiden is still missing. By the end of the episode, Lucky had discovered Aiden's baby monitor disabled and laying in his crib, "right under their noses," meaning the baby could be anywhere outside of the hospital. The poor PCPD ... foiled again! If it wasn't for that meddling Franco ... On the positive side, I'm assuming this means the lockdown is lifted. On the negative side, I guess we still have to be subjected to the "search for Baby Aiden" storyline.

Lastly, Dante leaves Jason to say goodbye to Sam before he ships him back to Pentonville. Once Dante leaves, Spinelli announces that he has discovered a way to disable Jason's ankle monitor (haha, King of Cyberspace, Franco beat you to that when he figured out how to disable Aiden's monitor) so Jason can flee. Of course, Spinelli and Sam are all for the plan, but surprise, surprise, Stone Cold opts for serving out his prison sentence.

So what do you think? Should Jason flee? What were your favorite parts of today's episode?


PartyatJakes said...

Crazy Lisa was my favorite part. That girl is channeling some desperate women of GH past.. think young Monica Quartermaine, Heather Webber, even Bobbie in her hey day. It's good stuff. I almost feel like I'm watching a soap opera.

Lante annoys me. I don't get it b/c I used to really like Dominic/Dante. I used to like him & Lulu... and now, eh.

The women of PC seem very needy to me right now... Sam hanging onto Jason's leg like a real life ankle monitor, Maya whining about almost letting Ethan die, Claire - independent, confident CLAIRE - asking Sonny to impregnate her, Lulu obeying Dante like a dog (You stay in bed. Stay... I'll go get your food).

The title to the post is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eleven said...

Dawn, you had me spitting out my drink as I read the part of Lisa heading to shadybrook like a torpedo! Great recap. Wish I would have gotten to it sooner.

P&J, you know, I agree with you on the Lante thing. I used to really like them together, but as of late it's been a little blah. I'm not outright bothered by them, but I don't enjoy them as much as I once did.

And really, this open-door policy at Dante's is getting old. Makes no sense that a cop, who is also the son of a mob boss, who is also hated by many PV residents would live in a place where anyone and everyone can easily get to him.