Wednesday, August 11, 2010

General Hospital Travels Back to the Present, Brings Brenda Along

Just in case you happened to miss a promo or ten on ABC, it was finally "B Day" on General Hospital today ... that's right, the big return of Brenda Barrett! As these much-hyped returns usually go, I didn't expect to see much of her today, figuring we'd catch a glimpse of her at the very end. And aside from various shots of the back of her head throughout the episode, that's exactly what we got.

Seems Miss Barrett is in Italy at a humanitarian awards event. As she's about to go on stage at the event, a man tries to stab her and is quickly contained by several other large Italian men surrounding her. Did anyone else find this a little odd? No one really seemed phased that this man just came out of nowhere with a large knife that easily could have killed her. Just what kind of humanitarian work is Brenda involved in these days that random knifings are a normal occurrence?

Regardless, I, for one, am happy she's back and was excited to see her back in the opening credits.

While Brenda was dodging cutlery in Europe, unfortunately much of today's episode was dominated by Claire and Sonny. I was really growing to like Claire, but I find her obsession with having Sonny's baby just downright weird and creepy, and out of left field. Back at Sonny's place, the two kiss, after which she promptly says, "Is this the part where we go upstairs and make a baby?" No, Claire, but I think Judge Carroll's available for procreation between the hours of 7-10pm, before the late-night Andy Griffith reruns start on TV Land. Go run and see if you can catch him in time. Really though, I think Sonny and I had pretty much the same look on our faces ... I mean, for reals?

I'm officially done with this plot ... next!

While Carly's stalling Lulu at the Metro Court restaurant to give Brook time to seduce Dante back at his apartment, she slips into a daydream that can best be described as "When Carly Attacks!" ... someone get this woman her own special on Fox. I mean, damn girl, we knew you were pissed at Lulu, but who knew you wanted to go all Mike Tyson on her? I swore Lulu was gonna walk away from that with only one ear.

Funny too how that strange napkin top Carly's been wearing for days now was flopping all around while she fantasy-attacked Lulu. Lulu could have ripped one off to stop the bleeding. But back to reality ... and I must say, no one has a better poker face than Carly.

At Dante's apartment, Brook is probably doing the worst job in the world trying to seduce her old buddy from Bensonhurst. Holy awkward. Her big line? "You didn't use to be so hot back then," referring to their days as kids in B-hurst. She finally makes her move and kisses him, and to Dante's credit, he backs her off, saying  that Lulu's "the one, she always will be." Someone page Dr. Drake. He could pick up some pointers from this.

As you know, I'm obligated to highlight any and all Coleman sightings. I'm really not sure what Olivia was blathering on about to him today. I zoned out a little after "if you want sunshine, go to the beach," and was much more focused on him and the Jack Daniels ... I could use a little of both right now. It's been one of those weeks.

Also at Jake's were Maxie and Lucky. Maxie had found Lucky, fresh off of delivering Baby Aiden to Liz and Nikolas, standing on the docks in the pouring rain. (Side note: I really want Maxie's leopard umbrella. The girl knows how to accessorize.)

Maxie takes Lucky back to Jake's for a heart-to-heart about what's bothering him. While this was all done under the guise of friendship, I still think these two have a really cute romantic chemistry. But much like Maxie herself, I'm torn. Because Matt also was at Jake's, and he's really cute too.


Hailey said...

As someone who didn't watch the show when GV's Lucky and Maxie were paired up so awfully, I can't see Lucky and Maxie through that lens. All I know is that as much as I like Maxie with Spinelli and even Matt, there's a little something going on in her scenes with Lucky.

Dawn Decker said...

Hailey, I agree! I like both Maxie and Lucky with other people ... but every time they're together, there's a great chemistry between them that I really love watching. I was pleasantly surprised that they were paired up again today. Definitely interested to see how that plays out.

PartyatJakes said...

I don't know.. Maxie is cute, and I love the Maxie/Lucky history (the knew each other as kids history - NOT the Lucky drug addiction history).. that said, I think they work better as 'been there/done that' friends and both need to be hooked up with someone NEW. Maxie's comments about not liking kids at Jakes is just total opposite of Lucky, who seems to love kids, even though none of them (except for Buzz) are actually his.

My vote is for Maxie/Matt (because poor Matt is SO underutilized!), and Lucky with someone NEW. Maybe Claire, if she tones down the baby-crazy business.. geez, who else is there? NOT MAYA..

Hailey said...

PartyatJakes, I agree that Matt's character is so underused! He's young and good looking and a doctor, for goodness' sake. I can't believe no girl in Port Charles has snatched him up yet. If Maxie/Matt gets Matt more airtime, I'm all for it.