Monday, August 9, 2010

Lucky Packs Up Aiden, Census Worker Costume and Heads for Home

After all these years of watching General Hospital, I should know by now just to abandon all logic before I sit down to watch an episode. But damn it if it doesn't make my head hurt each and every time I insist on trying to make a storyline mesh with reality. So let me get this straight: Lucky finds Karen and the missing baby Aiden across the country in Oregon. He calls no one--no back-up, no nothing. He goes somewhere to change into a census worker costume he just happens to have on hand (I know I always pack a suit, dark-rimmed glasses and a clipboard  when I go on a stake-out) just so he can get a better read on the situation. When that doesn't work and Karen throws him out, he goes back to the house, now dressed as Lucky The Cop, with a story about how the baby is really his and it was kidnapped and wrongly given to Karen by her son, Franco, aka Bobby.

Well, hey, in a case of "let's just keeping throwing stuff at the wall and see what sticks," Lucky's last attempt to get back Baby Aiden actually works. Karen simply hands over the baby, without asking to verify his story or for proof that her adoption papers aren't really legal, and next thing we know, Lucky and Aiden are on a plane back to Port Charles. Smell ya later, Oregon! And before you can blink and miss it, Lucky's on Elizabeth's doorstep, delivering the baby back to his shocked and overjoyed parents. Wait, if you were Lucky, wouldn't you have called Elizabeth as soon as you got the kid back?! Oh crap, my head's hurting again.

For as ridiculous as this plot line was, and for as little as I actually cared about the whereabouts of poor Baby Aiden Buzz Pablo, if there was a silver lining, it was Lucky's scenes with the baby on the plane. Tell me you didn't tear up just a little when he said, "Deep down, in some way, I'll always wish you were mine." Sniff, sniff. I'll always wish you were mine too, Lucky.

Elsewhere in the Chuckles, Sonny's hanging out on the docks daydreaming about Brenda when he suddenly thinks he sees his former love through the fog. "Brenda?" he calls out.

Oh wait, that's just Claire, who apparently unwinds after a long day of prosecuting by putting on a mini dress and purple eye shadow and hanging out on the docks. While it might not be Brenda, really any brunette will do, and Sonny invites Claire back to his place for a glass of wine and an opportunity "to let down her armor." I guess it's a nicer way of saying, "I'm about 23 minutes away from getting into your pants."

But once back at Sonny's place, Claire first wants to know more about this Brenda who Sonny mistook her for. Sonny doesn't want to ruin this rare occasion when Claire's "not carrying a briefcase like a chastity belt" by talking about other women. Claire presses him, and when she then excuses herself to take a call, Sonny slips back into yet another Brenda flashback. I have to say, I thought this one was really cute. I'm starting to get excited for Brenda 2010 ...

And how cute was young Sonny in this clip ...

Back at the Metro Court, Carly wants to kick her Dante revenge scheme into high gear and finally get a return on her Brook Lynn investment. Sleep with Dante tonight and get pictures, she orders Ms. Ashton, or it's back to running hot dog cart schemes in Bensonhurst.

Oh, this whole thing is so silly to watch. Told by Carly to "use her imagination" to get Dante into bed, Brook shows up on Dante's doorstep soaking wet from the rain and uses a lame "I've got no hot water" excuse to use his shower. She then comes out in a red silk robe asking for wine and telling Dante that she has to find a way to repay him for letting her use his shower. Wait, is any of this enticing even a little? Girl just looks like a wet fool.

So are you looking forward to Brenda's return this week?


PartyatJakes said...

Ha, "I'll always wish you were mine too, Lucky!" -- very funny! And I was right there with you thinking, along with that clipboard and specs, Lucky has a cell phone. We know this, he used it to call SPINELLI of all people for a pic of Franco's mom... so why no quick shout out to Liz that he has Baby A.B.P. THEN I remembered that Bitch slept with his brother, I'd make her wait too.

Young Sonny... dreammmy.

I'm on the fence about Brenda. Too much hype maybe? I think I don't want to get too excited in case it sucks?

And where is Crazy Lisa?!

Eleven said...

You know what? Lucky and Baby what's-his-name on the plane made me forget all about this ridiculous storyline. I'm a sucker for hot men holding babies.

P@J..."... so why no quick shout out to Liz that he has Baby A.B.P. THEN I remembered that Bitch slept with his brother, I'd make her wait too." -- Seriously laughing out loud at that comment!

At just about 6 years, I am a fairly new GH watcher. I didn't watch when Brenda was on, so I am actually very curious to see what all the hoopla is about.

And that screenshot of a young Sonny? Simply dreamy.