Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Desperation Leads Brook and Lisa to Play With Pills

If there was a lesson in today's General Hospital, it's that desperate women and pharmaceuticals just don't mix. Brook, on the verge of a one-way ticket back to Bensonhurst and thisclose to cashing in big courtesy of Carly, continues to pump Dante with beer laced with pills as a sure way to get him into bed. Honestly, I was really uncomfortable watching this whole thing unfold, and if Coleman hadn't shown up when he did, I think I would have fast-forwarded through much of it. (I'm sorry, I simply cannot fast-forward through Coleman, no matter what kind of crazy is going on around him).

Later, at the end of the hour, Lulu walks in on Brook taking advantage of a very inebriated Dante back at his apartment. From the look on Lulu's face, I'm guessing it's all about to hit the fan in tomorrow's episode.

Meanwhile, while this mess is going down at Dante's apartment, Jason is trying to convince Carly to give up her revenge scheme against Dante and Lulu. This was noteworthy only because the "M" in Jason's "Welcome Home" sign had fallen down once again behind Carly's head. Sure, "Welcome Ho e" may get less funny at some point ... but not yet. Hee hee.

Not to be outdone by Brook on the Ladies of Port Charles Desperation Scale, Lisa manages to out-crazy even herself once again. And we thought mutilating photos was bad. This time, she breaks into Robin and Patrick's house for a second time, stealing Robin's HIV meds and later throwing them in the garbage back at General Hospital. Girlfriend is certifiable. I hope they're getting that room ready at Shadybrook, because I swear she's coming any minute now.

Maxie continued to bounce back and forth between Matt and Lucky as she became more and more suspicious of Lisa and her motives toward Patrick and Robin. Once again, I'm torn about who Maxie should end up with. Her spying on Lisa with Matt at the hospital was really cute ...

But when she later met Lucky at Jake's to ask him to run a background check on Lisa, the chemistry that I like watching so much between these two was back again. "Lisa is hung up on Patrick like I was hung up on you," she tells him. And like I'M hung up on Lucky--you forgot that part, Maxie!

By the way, I had to laugh at Lucky's earlier relationship advice to Lulu: "If a guy ever tells you that you complete him, run. Run for the hills." But what if he's just making fun of that Jerry Maguire movie?

Other things that stuck out to me in this episode: I'll admit it, Morgan visiting Sonny because he was afraid he was lonely and telling him he loved him got me all misty. It is his father after all. Of course, he may have just been buttering the old man up in hopes of scoring some free Yankees tickets from him :)

Also, I loved that Coleman wanted to get Kate's calendar from Lulu so he could arrange a getaway with the missing-in-action magazine editor. See, there is a big softie underneath that cool, mustached exterior ...

Finally, Sam had a special surprise for her newly freed man. Um, your sign was cute and all, Spinelli, but I doubt you can top this ...


Anonymous said...

Watching Brook RAPE Dante was GROSS.
I hope Lulu kicks her DUMB A$$

Eleven said...

Welcome Hoe? Still funny.

Morgan and Sonny had me misty, too. I'm a sucker for those kind of scenes.

It was so difficult and uncomfortable to watch Brook drug Dante. I don't know what the writers' plans for this character are, but she is very far from likable.

Crazy Lisa has been so entertaining to watch, but messing with Robin's HIV meds? Bitch has gone too far in my opinion.

Coleman's "My Kate". :)

PartyatJakes said...

Just have to chime in that I love Coleman.

And Welcome Hoe is not getting old at all.. cracks me up. Almost wonder if that huge smile on Jason was genuine, like if they really couldn't get the "M" to stick when they were shooting the scene and just went with it..

Dawn Decker said...

I absolutely agree about the Brook and Dante storyline ... I did not want to watch that. I didn't like Brook before, but I'm not sure where they go with her character after she drugs and rapes one of her oldest friends for money.

PartyatJakes, I also wondered if the "Welcome Hoe" sign was just a happy accident ... Jason's reaction was priceless!