Monday, August 30, 2010

Lisa Takes 'The Crazy Show' on the Road

"Will I still have time to catch the Nascar race?"
The Nurses Station took a mini-vacation last week (Sonny's island, of course ... where else?) but now I'm back in The Chuckles and ready to blog again. So what about that Lisa, huh? Desperate to paint Robin as the vengeful scorned wife, girlfriend goes and throws herself in front of Robin's car. Ouch. I've read a bunch of comments recently about how unrealistic this storyline is, but it kind of reminds me of that very real story that was in the news a few years back about the astronaut love triangle--the one in which the female astronaut drove hundreds of miles to confront "the other woman" while wearing an adult diaper so she didn't have to stop for bathroom breaks. Smart, professional woman loses it over love ... sound familiar? You know Lisa would break out the Depends in a heart beat if it helped to further her cause.

Perhaps scarier than even Lisa was Angry Uncle Mac when he found out that Patrick had cheated on Robin. Did you catch that look he shot Patrick?! I swore he was going to turn green and burst out of his clothes.

"I haven't had sex in 15 years. You bet I'm angry!"
Off on another continent, Brenda and Murphy continued to spread the black plague of boredom all across Italy. I love Brenda, and I don't even mind Murphy, but really ... could there be any less chemistry between these two? I think I drifted off into a power nap right after "Yes, I'll marry you." Zzzzzz ....

"I swear, stirrup pants are back. She's wearing a pair right now. Just like in the 80s!"
I love Jason and Sam, but for the past few days, these two have been running around dodging bullets, and I'm really not sure why. Yes, something about those pesky Lopez brothers again, but why are we spending so much time on this? And why do these things always take place in the woods and always with an abandoned cabin conveniently nearby? I did have to laugh when Jason and Sam shared a romantic moment over a dead Lopez brother.

"This is almost as hot as that time I called you on the pay phone at Pentonville."
Then, oddly, Lucky showed up in the middle of the whole thing. Huh?

"See, I wasn't just happy to see you. It really was a gun in my pocket."
Apparently, the PCPD interrogation room has the same visitor policy as Pentonville, because Sonny barely had a moment's rest with the parade of people who marched in to see him ... Bernie, Dante, Olivia, Diane, Michael.

"I came down here to tell you ... I still think my chili is better than yours."
I did have to laugh at this exchange between Sonny and Olivia:

Sonny: "I'm never going to shoot an unarmed man again."
Olivia: "Why don't you just not shoot anyone?"
Sonny:" Well, it's a little too late for that, Olivia."

And I teared up a little at this exchange between Sonny and Michael:

Sonny: "You've been a gift--the greatest gift of my life."
Michael: "I love you. And I'm so proud to be your son."

Sniff, sniff.

Meanwhile, Brook thinks she can actually out-Carly Carly. And the thing is, she just might have. First though, she tries to convince Carly, just back from her Martha's Vineyard vacation with the kids, that Lulu and Dante are indeed broken up and she should collect the money Carly promised her. But Carly's not buying it, not without proof--and if Brook can't produce it, well, you guessed it. She's on the next bus back to Bensonhurst. So then Brook threatens to go to Lulu with the truth about Carly's scheme ... and damn if she doesn't do just that. But Lulu's not buying it, not yet at least, and calls Carly to come over and straighten the whole mess out.

"I'm calling Carly to tell us once and for all who's wearing the tackier outfit!"
When pressed, Carly comes clean and admits to paying Brook to seduce Dante, right as the episode ended. Hmm. But there's gotta be a way Carly will try to spin this to make herself look good, right?

While it may not sound like it, it was a fairly uneventful day in the Chuckles. What did you think of the episode?


PartyatJakes said...

Oh the captions! The captions! The Nascar race, Uncle Mac's dry spell, the chili!! Seriously, so much more entertaining than watching the show at this point!

Welcome back!

Kelly said...

Awesome as usually. Love the captions. Love Uncle Mac! Great M&S exchange except for Sonny leaving out his other three kids.

Dawn Decker said...

Thanks so much for the great feedback!! :) Kelly, I had the same thought when Sonny told Michael he was his "greatest gift" ... did he forget his other kids?!