Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday, 8/28/08: All Up In Robin and Patrick's Business

Just one question on today's show: Isn't the hospital sick of being in the middle of Robin and Patrick's business?! Put down the damn intercom phone. You've got people battling life-threatening illnesses and they have to be subjected to Patrick knows Robin better than she knows herself and Robin's stubborn but Patrick still loves her ... Enough already! Obviously GH's top docs are more concerned with feeding their own drama than caring for their patients. Sick folks would be better off going to County ...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday, 8/27/08: Ooohhh, Kate's in Trouble

So totally didn't see the whole Jax calling out Kate for framing Carly coming. I say it's about time the man stood up for his wife and stopped siding with snooty-puss Kate. And about time that someone put Ms. Crimson in her place. Threatening to fire her from the magazine ... classic! Someone get Giselle on the line!

It took forever for GH to finally wrap up the tedious, annoying Robin-Patrick storyline where they just constantly bickered over whether or not Patrick would play a part in the baby's life ... Patrick would beg, Robin would be a whiny brat, Patrick would beg, Robin would be a whiny brat, and so on and so on ... well, now they've just recycled that so mind-numbing I fast-forwarded thru most of it storyline. Only now, Patrick is begging Robin to married him and ... surprise, surprise ... Robin is being a whiny brat. Sick of it. Although it was interesting to hear the Nightshift reference to Robert ... at least it explains why Anna and Robert are in the same town and not running into each other.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday, 8/26/08: Meanwhile, Where's Molly?

While I'm happy to see that Ric's gettin' a little somethin' (since it seems so few of Port Chuck's residents are), where is poor Molly at? She already has to play second fiddle to Christina "I'm Sonny's Kid" Corinthos, and now Ric takes her away under the guise of some quality father-daughter time and probably sticks her with some babysitter while he's getting busy with the law association floozy. But nice to see that Ric might put on his pants long enough to help his client Johnny beat a murder rap.

Finally someone tells Nadine to STFU ... well, not in so many words, but we all got the message. This was really one of GH's more ridiculous plot lines. Not only is resident in neurology Matt Hunter the only doctor in all of GH who can perform Spinelli's spleenectomy, but Nadine is so convinced that he's a part of a counterfeit drug ring that she's afraid he'll forget to check whether or not Spinelli's bowel is obstructed during the operation. What a nonsensical mess. The writers must have spilled coffee on the original script and tried to piece it back together.

As much as I love Carly, she's almost as hypocritical as Alexis. She's so terrified of her sons getting caught in the middle of mob gunfire, but she's more than happy to put herself directly in the line of fire and in the middle of a potential Jason-Karpov war. Because as long as Morgan doesn't get shot, it's okay if he goes through the living hell of losing his mother.

Meanwhile, would it have killed GH to have cast an ATTRACTIVE Karpov?! No offense to POK (portrayer of Karpov) but wouldn't it be a far more intriguing storyline if Carly was flirting with the ultra-dangerous, HOT gangster?!

Loved the Lulu-Laura mother-daughter bonding!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, 8/25/08: Laura Has a Face!

Finally, after months and months of staring at the back of Laura's head ... we finally see her face today! And she spoke! So okay, yeah, this came as a surprise to just about no one (thanks to all the news announcements re. Genie Francis' return and the week of "Laura Spencer Comes Home" commercials ABC ran last week) ... but it was exciting to see her nonetheless.

Nikolas spent months hallucinating about waltzing with Emily at the ball on the night she was killed ... so I'm surprised he was able to waltz around Windamere with Nadine without any difficulty or guilt or flashbacks. Meanwhile, Nadine is a whack job. She overheard one suspicious conversation of Matt Hunter's and now not only is he involved in this incredibly boring and tedious counterfeit drug ring, but he's also incapable of performing a spleenectomy on Spinelli?! I hope Matt Hunter gets her fired ... did I mention I can't stand that girl?

Speaking of GH, what's going on over there? They only have three doctors on staff that can perform a spleenectomy ... Patrick (who is a neurosurgeon!!), the guy who was on vacation and Matt Hunter, who's a resident?! WTF. Can't the writers even try to make sense of a storyline just once? Good thing Matt accepted the Emily Quartermaine fellowship and came to GH or Spinelli would have died in his hospital bed. I'm sure Matt has to perform the surgery so Maxie can then feel indebted to him in some way for saving Spinelli's life.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday, 8/21/08: Patrick Almost Gets It Right

So I found myself getting pretty caught up in Patrick's cheesy but heartfelt broadcast throughout General Hospital of his love and admiration from Robin. No small feat, as these two easily annoy me. But after all that, and gathering together all their loved ones to witness the spectacle (Anna and Mac sharing screen time for the first time in ages!) ... where was the drop to one knee, the ring, the proposal in the form of a question?? Eh, call me a traditionalist, but you'd think a brain surgeon could at least produce a nice rock.

"Spinell" is usually one of my favorites, but he's been driving me crazy the past two days with his hyper, irrational ramblings about "The Slovak Seductress." For gosh sakes Spinell, let your bro get laid if he wants to.

BTW, doesn't it seem like every character pronounces Sasha's last name differently. I thought it was Sasha Don-ev, but the other day I could have swore someone called her Sasha Donut. Then today, Sonny just kinda mumbled through it like Sasha Dunnahnah. Geez people, let's all get on the same page.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday, 8/19/08: Nikolas Throws Cell Phone, Grabs Nadine's Ass

Things seemed to be moving along so well lately with the pairing of Claudia and Nikolas ... right up until Nikolas decided to shove his tongue down Nadine's throat at the end of today's episode. I'm pretty sure he even grabbed her ass for a second there too. Good Lord, must we really endure more of these two ... or rather, more of Nadine? I'm so not amused GH. I read in the latest issue of ABC Soaps in Depth ( that Sarah Brown was only interested in staying in Port Chuck if Claudia was involved with Nikolas, so I have to hope we haven't seen the last of them.

Holy Soviet Union Jason! Sasha the Russian Lady struck out with Sonny, so she figured she'd take the more direct approach with Jason and just start undressing. I have to say, given that he's the boss of a major crime syndicate and absolutely gorgeous, you'd think Jason would be getting more women disrobing down to their red foundation garments. So what do we think ... will Stone Cold take the Russian bait?

I like that Bernie, aka Mr. Lipman, has been getting some air time lately!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday, 8/18/08: Loo Looo's in the Loony Bin

I think GH was a little too intense for me today ... Lulu screaming in a straight jacket (a straight jacket?!), Johnny getting beaten down by the cops ... makes you long for those carefree days on Dr. Siegel's couch doesn't it? Speaking of Lunny's former digs ... does this mean we've seen the last of Sal and Lourdes? Something tells me at least dear Lourdes will find herself in Port Charles at some point ... Although Sal could provide some good muscle for Jason, what with his gang background and hatred for the Zaccharas.

Kate was so annoying today I could barely stand it ... have they turned her into a complete whining, selfish, bratty bridezilla or what?! Amazing that Sonny can't resist the lures of the mob, but he finds it very easy to resist other woman, such as Sasha the Russian lady, even with that annoying, nagging Kate in his ear every two seconds. Then again, stick Carly in the back of a limo and the man loses all resolve.

Meanwhile, what in the world is Carly up to with creepy Karpov? How far does she plan to take this whole thing? Is she going to kiss Karpov? Sleep with him? He doesn't seem like the kind of guy you can easily brush off with the "I have a headache" excuse, or "I don't do that on the first date."

Claudia slapping Scott Baldwin ... good stuff.

BTW, I watched a rerun of The Profiler over the weekend and the psycho of the week was none other than a much younger looking Anthony Zacchara. He sure does crazy well!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday, 8/14/08: Alexis Is a Mess

Seriously, is there a bigger mess on this show than Alexis? Dating Jerry Jax should be enough to qualify her. Now, after all her frantic outbursts about needing Sonny to stay away from Christina ... she wants him to do "whatever he has to do" to protect her? So now it's okay if he makes the most of his mob tendencies in the name of their daughter? Hypocritical much?

Maxie is far from naive ... so how come she has no clue how Spinelli feels about her, or hasn't even considered the possibility? I know far-fetched is typical for GH, but still ... it's a cute relationship (one of my favorites on the show), but it certainly wouldn't suffer from a dose of realism.

Kate finally mentioned the "Olivia" again that she uttered in the hospital months ago after she was shot. It's her cousin. I mean, the woman is getting married in this big, splashy wedding ... no one has thought to question where her family is, if they're coming, who's walking her down the aisle??

Karpov must be reading this blog (or looking in the mirror) ... he's trying to tame the comb-over with a slicked-back look.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday, 8/13/08: You Know It's a Slow Day When the Gyno Pisses Me Off

So how incredibly unprofessional is Robin's gynocologist (is Kelly her name maybe?)?! Isn't there something called doctor-patient confidentiality? First she blabs to everyone at the nurses' station that Robin's having an ultrasound to determine the sex of her baby. Then she blabs again that Robin's having a girl. Maybe Robin and Patrick wanted to keep that info to themselves ... or tell people themselves. Regardless, what kind of doc does that .... as the new chief of staff (well, at least when he's on the nightshift!) Patrick should kick Loose Lips to the curb.

Random thought (cause let's face it, not much exciting happened on the show today): What's up with all the men in suits on GH? Sonny hangs around his house all day ... in a suit. Jerry Jax roams the park ... in a suit. Trevor nevers sees the inside of a court room ... yet he's always in that damn suit. I think all these guys need to loosen up a bit.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday, 8/12/08: Nightshift Tangent

I was a little confused when the episode started and Robin and Patrick were talking about whether they were having a boy or a girl. For anyone who is watching Nightshift, we already found out last week that Robin is having a girl. So I guess Nightshift time is a whole week ahead of plain old GH time?? I don't know, it bothers me that these two shows don't sync up better.

Just a side note on Nightshift: I've read that it's doing well ratings-wise and fans are reacting very postively to it. Personally, I'm not completely sold. I'm not a big Robin-Patrick fan and of course so much of NS is built around them. Also, I think the acting is downright terrible in some instances, particularly the gay doc and his blonde roommate. And now that it's bringing back some old, beloved characters, like Jagger and Robert ... it just doesn't feel right that they're not on in the daytime, interacting with all of the GH cast and getting the full Port Chuck treatment. Speaking of, I think Robert Scorpio has, by far, been the best thing about NS ... anyone who knows me knows how excited I get over a FAISON reference, not to mention shout-outs to Sean Donnelly and the DVX! But does it seem right to have Robert back, but not interacting with Mac or Anna (although I heard today that Anna will be visiting NS for a few episodes next month)?

Sorry, back to GH ... Spinelli is much cuter with his hair out of his face (thanks to the sunglasses he had on top of his head for much of the episode). That piece of hair that constantly hangs in his left eye drives me a little crazy at times. BTW, did anyone else cringe when he told Stone Cold he wanted to "make sweet love" to Maximista?! Ha!

As I've said, I usually find Anthony entertaining ... but the scenes of him threatening Alexis' children really disturb me. I think GH takes it just a little too far. Leave the kids out of it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday, 8/11/08: Kate's Skirt Could Cover Your Leftovers

Can a new day please finally dawn on Port Charles so Kate can wear something other than that hideous tin-foil skirt? I haven't commented on Kate much lately because I figure it just goes without saying how irritating her whole bridezilla act is ... but that metallic skirt's been an eye sore for days now! Maybe when she takes it off, she can hold it under her chin and catch a nice sun tan.

BTW, Kate said the wedding is Sept. 26th and that it's less than a month away ... huh?? I guess that's in GH time, where you can wear the same skirt for a week and it's not considered a fashion faux pas.

Spinelli and Maxie are just too cute ... so happy they're showing a lot of these two again. And love how Maxie is becoming the Carly to Spinelli's Stone Cold ... although does this mean that "Spaxie" are destined for only friendship too?

So the fall out from the Nadine-Nikolas lip lock was pretty much what I expected ... but they're definitely leaving the door open wide enough for something to potentially happen between these two in the (near?) future. I might have to stop watching if that happens. Not that I think Claudia is the only option for Nikolas, but Nadine is not an option, period. I'm not even sure why she's on the show. She makes Lulu seem enjoyable to watch. OK, I'll try to stop bitching about Nadine now.

Speaking of Lulu, I doubt she'd be too pleased if she knew Pugsly was on the phone telling Wednesday all about her hallucinations behind her back.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Friday, 8/8/08: Nadine Is the Kiss of Death

Seriously GH? Things seemed to be going so well on Friday. What happened? Nadine was entertaining the idea of shipping herself off halfway across the world with Nurses Without Borders (yes! finally!). And Nikolas and Claudia were finally sharing screen time together after weeks apart. And then the writers had to go ruin the whole thing by having Nadine kiss Nikolas. Bleck. Together, those two are about exciting as Karpov's toupee.

From the couple spoilers I've read, it doesn't sound as if this kiss is the beginning of a beautiful romance for Nadine and Nikolas ... at least not yet anyways. I don't know if the writers are slowly progressing toward what they think is going to be the next incarnation of Nikolas and Emily. If so, it's a huge mistake. Nadine is a grating, one-note character who is undeserving of all the screen time she's been getting lately. On the other hand, Nikolas and Claudia have amazing chemistry ... one of the few pairings on the show I'm genuinely excited to watch. Hopefully, GH will wise up and explore their connection further.

I don't much, if anything, about guns ... but isn't there anything these hit men can do about the "flash of light" that tips off every potential target that they're going to have to dodge a bullet?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday, 8/7/08: Karpov's Powers of Seduction

Aren't soap operas suppose to be about love and sex and FANTASY?! So when a powerful businessman is trying to seduce Carly with the promise of a warehouse full of diamonds and furs and sports cars, how do I get swept up in this fantasy when the man is as dog ugly and paunchy as Karpov?! (And no offense to the actor who plays Karpov, as I'm sure he's quite a lovely man in real life.) I mean, of course I don't expect the aging Russian mobster to look like Brad Pitt, but please people, give me something to work with here ... maybe like a Vincent D'Onofrio type from Law & Order: Criminal Intent. But seriously folks, not only is he hard on the eyes, but he's spouting off lines like "I lived in, what you say in America, zee projects" and "I like you more and more as time passes, even though I've only known you for 15 minutes" and "I WANT YOUR GRATITUDE AS A WOMAN"?! At least GH is consistent in making almost every male character on the show misogynistic. Pretty slick of Ms. Carly to nab his PDA though ... that is what you call in America zee pick-pock-et.

Speaking of turn-offs ... soooo don't want to hear about Kate's physical aching in Paris. BTW, Sonny is setting her up for one heck of a fall, isn't he?

What in the world was Jerry Jax babbling about? Snoozefest.

How awesome is Dead Logan? Is that a knife in your stomach or are you just happy to see me? I really felt his pain while he was banging on those piano keys.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday, 8/7/08: In Cognito Johnny Brings Sexy Back

Wow, I don't even know where to start today ... who lit a fire under Port Chuck?! It was an action-packed Wednesday! First, we see Johnny looking all Justin Timberlake in his sunglasses and army hat disguise. I swore Jessical Biel and a few trailing paparrazzi were going to walk through the door behind him. Then the cops showed up, Underage Lourdes hugged up on Johnny a few times as Lulu glared on, Lunny had sex on the couch, Dead Logan played the piano ... you know, just another day at Professor Seigel's apartment. Speaking of Lunny, didn't Prof. Seigel have a bed, or do these two just really enjoy doing it on that tiny couch?! Guess GH couldn't afford the extra props.

He's such a creepy, kooky little old man, but how could you not love Anthony Zacchara? Wheeling around Port Charles like an exceptionally tanned little daredevil with his Loo Looos and his sharp sense of humor. Just the thought of him and Tracy on a date cracked me up!

Speaking of dates ... if Johnny brought sexy back at the beginning of the episode, Karpov snatched it right away again at the end. Is there anything less appealing than him slurring to Carly in his fake Russian accent that she should get in a car with him and go for a drive? Eeewww. At least he seems to be working on the comb-over ... it's not quite as severe as when he first showed up in PC. So are we really suppose to be worried that he might end up throwing Carly off a balcony?

Ric and Claudia ... so not interested. GH finally hit on a couple with some chemistry ... Nikolas and Claudia ... but of course they drop that like a hot potato so they can put us all to sleep with Claudia and Ric and Nikolas and Nadine. Wake me up when it's over.

BTW, aren't you really jealous of Jason that he has his own personal Jackal to scour the internet? I really really want one of those.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday, 8/5/08: The Bitch Is Back

We got a little taste of her yesterday, but it was great to see Bitchy Carly return in full force today. For the last couple weeks, I couldn't believe that she would actually let Kate get away with threatening her marriage to Jax, and sure enough, Carly very much has plans for revenge. However, I was shocked that she would actually suggest to Jason that he eliminate Sonny ... maybe she knows by now, much like the viewers, that the many threats against the lives of Sonny, Jason, etc., never really do pan out.

If Kate was clever, she should have snuck a photo of Carly in that tie-dye dress and run it in Crimson under "fashion don't" with one of those black bars over Carly's eyes.

Something must be in the water because I actually enjoyed watching Lulu's scenes today with Laura (aka, the back of that blonde woman's head who's obviously not Genie Francis). What's next? Hoping they show more of Robin's video blog?! Seriously though, it made me even more anxious for Laura's return ... which I don't think is for a couple more weeks.

Boy, Lourdes didn't waste any time taking advantage of Lulu's absence, suggesting that she and Johnny run away together. I knew Lourdes looked younger, but I'm wondering just how young she is. I was assuming around 19, but Johnny mentioned her being a minor today. So that must mean she's more like 16 or 17?!

Nadine ... ugh. Maybe now that Lulu isn't getting on my nerves quite as much, I can use the energy to compalin about Nadine every day. Really, does anyone like this character?!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday, 8/4/08: Carly Puts Kate on Notice

I'm not quite sure what was up with her tie-dye dress, but I did like how Carly finally called out Kate today for setting her up and screwing with her marriage to Jax. I love when these two cat fight ... as long as Carly wins of course!

Okay, Scary Dead Logan actually freaked me out! I had heard that the actor who played Logan would be back to film some "from the grave" scenes, but I thought he'd at least have some lines! Well, I guess you really can't top "you'll never get over me" as parting words for the woman who plunged a knife in your stomach. Speaking of, did Lulu actually take Johnny's money and run?! Where did she go? And will Johnny go after her?! Oh, of course he will. They can't keep Lunny apart for long!

So couldn't Nadine have made a run for the window when Matt went into the bathroom to change into his towel? And what happened to his four-hour surgery? Oh, who am I kidding, I really don't care.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Friday, 8/1/08: Lulu Makes Sense, Hell May Freeze Over as a Result

It was a rare moment on GH on Friday ... Lulu actually made sense! No really, I swear. It was a fleeting moment, but she didn't sound like her usual blathering, nonsensical self. She warned Johnny that Lourdes will turn on him once she realizes that her feelings for him are unrequited ... and Lulu's absolutely right. Lourdes is playing too hard for Johnny's affections not to eventually feel burned, especially with Johnny doing a good job of leading her on right now. (I can't quite figure out if Johnny truly is interested in Lourdes to a degree, made even subconsciously, or if he's just being extra nice to her because of what his family did to her father or because she knew his beloved Prof. Seigel ... ) I'm interested to see how it all plays out. And of course I'm enjoying Lourdes pissing Lulu off in the process!

I know I've already complained a lot about this whole counterfeit drug plot, but it's only getting worse now that the storyline is moving more to the forefront. I found myself struggling to sit through much of Friday's episode ... I was completely bored. And with so many strong, interesting characters on this show, why in the world is Nadine getting so much screen time?! I find absolutely nothing interesting, exciting or endearing about this girl. Her personality is grating (no, the Aunt Raylene-isms are neither cute nor charming), and she brings nothing to the scenes she's in. If the GH writers actually pursue this coupling with Nikolas, it'll be a complete waste of his character -- and the viewers' time.

I'm not sure if Spinelli was just being dramatic or trying to emulate his mentor Stone Cold when he told Maxie that he would need to distance himself from her for her own good ... but I think it's a shame that GH has significantly decreased Maxie and Spinelli's screen time together in recent weeks. These two were a very cute, entertaining couple, and it seems like viewers really took to them. So why won't GH make these two a bonafide couple? I'm sure part of the reason for distancing the two characters is to further set up Matt Hunter as a love interest for Maxie (eye roll). So I guess we'll watch those two fight over things like garage openers and baloney until they eventually realize they're attracted to each other and end up sleeping together. Can't wait.

Sunday, 8/3/08: Another GH Star on

It was less than a month ago that Bobbi was the subject of a post. Now another long-time GH star has made it onto the popular celebrity blog -- Genie Francis:

(My only complaint: I tried to post a comment TWICE and it never showed up!)

I'm excited for Laura to return to GH at the end of the month!