Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday, 8/21/08: Patrick Almost Gets It Right

So I found myself getting pretty caught up in Patrick's cheesy but heartfelt broadcast throughout General Hospital of his love and admiration from Robin. No small feat, as these two easily annoy me. But after all that, and gathering together all their loved ones to witness the spectacle (Anna and Mac sharing screen time for the first time in ages!) ... where was the drop to one knee, the ring, the proposal in the form of a question?? Eh, call me a traditionalist, but you'd think a brain surgeon could at least produce a nice rock.

"Spinell" is usually one of my favorites, but he's been driving me crazy the past two days with his hyper, irrational ramblings about "The Slovak Seductress." For gosh sakes Spinell, let your bro get laid if he wants to.

BTW, doesn't it seem like every character pronounces Sasha's last name differently. I thought it was Sasha Don-ev, but the other day I could have swore someone called her Sasha Donut. Then today, Sonny just kinda mumbled through it like Sasha Dunnahnah. Geez people, let's all get on the same page.

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R. Green said...

OK, Maxie indeed called her Sasha Donut - hilarious!

C'mon Dawn, you LIKED the Patrick talking on the intercom thing?! I would have jumped in one of those GH elevators (and that's saying a lot, given their operating history). But yeah, um Mr. Chief of Staff... where's the ring?

I'm also with you on Spinelli. I love that little dude, but he's been SOOOOO annoying the past couple days.

Keep up the good work, this blog is nearly as entertaining as watching the show itself!