Sunday, August 3, 2008

Friday, 8/1/08: Lulu Makes Sense, Hell May Freeze Over as a Result

It was a rare moment on GH on Friday ... Lulu actually made sense! No really, I swear. It was a fleeting moment, but she didn't sound like her usual blathering, nonsensical self. She warned Johnny that Lourdes will turn on him once she realizes that her feelings for him are unrequited ... and Lulu's absolutely right. Lourdes is playing too hard for Johnny's affections not to eventually feel burned, especially with Johnny doing a good job of leading her on right now. (I can't quite figure out if Johnny truly is interested in Lourdes to a degree, made even subconsciously, or if he's just being extra nice to her because of what his family did to her father or because she knew his beloved Prof. Seigel ... ) I'm interested to see how it all plays out. And of course I'm enjoying Lourdes pissing Lulu off in the process!

I know I've already complained a lot about this whole counterfeit drug plot, but it's only getting worse now that the storyline is moving more to the forefront. I found myself struggling to sit through much of Friday's episode ... I was completely bored. And with so many strong, interesting characters on this show, why in the world is Nadine getting so much screen time?! I find absolutely nothing interesting, exciting or endearing about this girl. Her personality is grating (no, the Aunt Raylene-isms are neither cute nor charming), and she brings nothing to the scenes she's in. If the GH writers actually pursue this coupling with Nikolas, it'll be a complete waste of his character -- and the viewers' time.

I'm not sure if Spinelli was just being dramatic or trying to emulate his mentor Stone Cold when he told Maxie that he would need to distance himself from her for her own good ... but I think it's a shame that GH has significantly decreased Maxie and Spinelli's screen time together in recent weeks. These two were a very cute, entertaining couple, and it seems like viewers really took to them. So why won't GH make these two a bonafide couple? I'm sure part of the reason for distancing the two characters is to further set up Matt Hunter as a love interest for Maxie (eye roll). So I guess we'll watch those two fight over things like garage openers and baloney until they eventually realize they're attracted to each other and end up sleeping together. Can't wait.

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