Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, 8/25/08: Laura Has a Face!

Finally, after months and months of staring at the back of Laura's head ... we finally see her face today! And she spoke! So okay, yeah, this came as a surprise to just about no one (thanks to all the news announcements re. Genie Francis' return and the week of "Laura Spencer Comes Home" commercials ABC ran last week) ... but it was exciting to see her nonetheless.

Nikolas spent months hallucinating about waltzing with Emily at the ball on the night she was killed ... so I'm surprised he was able to waltz around Windamere with Nadine without any difficulty or guilt or flashbacks. Meanwhile, Nadine is a whack job. She overheard one suspicious conversation of Matt Hunter's and now not only is he involved in this incredibly boring and tedious counterfeit drug ring, but he's also incapable of performing a spleenectomy on Spinelli?! I hope Matt Hunter gets her fired ... did I mention I can't stand that girl?

Speaking of GH, what's going on over there? They only have three doctors on staff that can perform a spleenectomy ... Patrick (who is a neurosurgeon!!), the guy who was on vacation and Matt Hunter, who's a resident?! WTF. Can't the writers even try to make sense of a storyline just once? Good thing Matt accepted the Emily Quartermaine fellowship and came to GH or Spinelli would have died in his hospital bed. I'm sure Matt has to perform the surgery so Maxie can then feel indebted to him in some way for saving Spinelli's life.

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