Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday, 8/12/08: Nightshift Tangent

I was a little confused when the episode started and Robin and Patrick were talking about whether they were having a boy or a girl. For anyone who is watching Nightshift, we already found out last week that Robin is having a girl. So I guess Nightshift time is a whole week ahead of plain old GH time?? I don't know, it bothers me that these two shows don't sync up better.

Just a side note on Nightshift: I've read that it's doing well ratings-wise and fans are reacting very postively to it. Personally, I'm not completely sold. I'm not a big Robin-Patrick fan and of course so much of NS is built around them. Also, I think the acting is downright terrible in some instances, particularly the gay doc and his blonde roommate. And now that it's bringing back some old, beloved characters, like Jagger and Robert ... it just doesn't feel right that they're not on in the daytime, interacting with all of the GH cast and getting the full Port Chuck treatment. Speaking of, I think Robert Scorpio has, by far, been the best thing about NS ... anyone who knows me knows how excited I get over a FAISON reference, not to mention shout-outs to Sean Donnelly and the DVX! But does it seem right to have Robert back, but not interacting with Mac or Anna (although I heard today that Anna will be visiting NS for a few episodes next month)?

Sorry, back to GH ... Spinelli is much cuter with his hair out of his face (thanks to the sunglasses he had on top of his head for much of the episode). That piece of hair that constantly hangs in his left eye drives me a little crazy at times. BTW, did anyone else cringe when he told Stone Cold he wanted to "make sweet love" to Maximista?! Ha!

As I've said, I usually find Anthony entertaining ... but the scenes of him threatening Alexis' children really disturb me. I think GH takes it just a little too far. Leave the kids out of it.

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