Sunday, August 10, 2008

Friday, 8/8/08: Nadine Is the Kiss of Death

Seriously GH? Things seemed to be going so well on Friday. What happened? Nadine was entertaining the idea of shipping herself off halfway across the world with Nurses Without Borders (yes! finally!). And Nikolas and Claudia were finally sharing screen time together after weeks apart. And then the writers had to go ruin the whole thing by having Nadine kiss Nikolas. Bleck. Together, those two are about exciting as Karpov's toupee.

From the couple spoilers I've read, it doesn't sound as if this kiss is the beginning of a beautiful romance for Nadine and Nikolas ... at least not yet anyways. I don't know if the writers are slowly progressing toward what they think is going to be the next incarnation of Nikolas and Emily. If so, it's a huge mistake. Nadine is a grating, one-note character who is undeserving of all the screen time she's been getting lately. On the other hand, Nikolas and Claudia have amazing chemistry ... one of the few pairings on the show I'm genuinely excited to watch. Hopefully, GH will wise up and explore their connection further.

I don't much, if anything, about guns ... but isn't there anything these hit men can do about the "flash of light" that tips off every potential target that they're going to have to dodge a bullet?

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