Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post-Francofrenia: Today's General Hospital Brought to You by Ambien

I know we've had a lot of excitement in Port Charles lately--deadly performance art, a raging Warren Bauer, a stolen baby, a drag queen-rendition of "Mad World"--the list is endless. So we probably all need a little downtime in The Chuckles, right? But today's episode was so "down," it probably should have been sponsored by Ambien, because it nearly put me to sleep. And that was even with the supply closet sex!

I missed at least half of yesterday's episode, so imagine my surprise when we were suddenly in Spain with Skye and Jax for much of today. Yes, Skye and Jax. For much of the episode. While it was nice to see these two doing something other than eating at the Metro Court restaurant, I never really cared much whether or not Skye found Lorenzo's money. And suddenly some woman named Fernando was thrown into the mix? Isn't Fernando a man's name?

I was completely bored with Fernando, and while Skye eventually found Lorenzo's money, I was too sleepy at that point to care.

Oh, and Liz and Nikolas' baby is still missing. Yawn. Is it wrong that I really don't care about that either?

As I mentioned, we did have supply closet sex between Matt and Maxie, which was fun ...

But it was followed up by a very odd conversation between Maxie and Michael, of all people, in which she sought out Michael's advice regarding her impulse gratitude sex with the man who saved her Uncle Mac. It's always fun to hear Maxie go off on one of her tangents; it always produces some of the best lines of the show ("It wasn't like, Mac's gonna live, where's the nearest flat surface?"). And I'm guessing she probably would spill her troubles to just about anyone who would listen, even though an 18-year-old boy is a really strange choice for that conversation. But I suppose the real purpose of this conversation was to show that Michael is still haunted by Carter (who he flashed back to while Maxie was talking).

There were also more Lisa and Patrick scenes, as well as Robin, Lisa and Patrick scenes. I know Lisa is a bit wacko, but she did have a point about Patrick knowing exactly what he was doing the night he cheated. Not to mention, he allowed his wife to make a complete ass of herself as she supposedly put Dr. Niles in her place, telling her that her husband would never cheat on her. I don't like Robin, and her self-righteousness grates on my every last nerve, but I did feel sorry for her as she defended Cheats McGee cowering behind her. I honestly think the biggest villain in this scene was Patrick.

I see that Maya is still glued to Ethan's side, "woe is me-ing" about how she froze in the wake of the shooting. Was I bored by this scene, too? Like a hooker in handcuffs. I do have to admit though, I've always enjoyed Kristina's scenes with Ethan, and still think that maybe something will develop there at some point.

Oh yeah, and Claire wants to have Sonny's baby. Um, where did that come from? I'm a bit baffled by Claire's thought process there, although I had to laugh when she said to Sonny, "clearly you have no problem conceiving." Damn straight. He's the only person in The Chuckles who's actually more likely to produce a child than Liz. And that's saying something.

By the way, I know I already posted a photo of this outfit, but really, what in the world is Claire wearing? It's very Eliot Spitzer's hooker.

Of course, Sonny denied Claire's offer to procreate with her, but he's still confident that he'll bed the "lady prosecutor," calling after her as she left, "You'll be back! You'll want me!" Heck, if it's more entertaining than what we had to sit through today, I might actually be all for it.

Anything that particularly interested you about this episode? Was it as dull as I thought it was?


PartyatJakes said...

Yes! Very dull - ff'd through most of Jax and that dreadful looking Fernando woman.

Loved seeing the rest of Sonny & Alexis. I am loving them together for the first time since before they had Kristina.

And Sonny telling no one in particular that Claire wants him after she was out the door... highlight of the episode. I have to say though, I do feel like the Claire I'll sleep with you if you give me a baby bit is WAY out of left field. Yeah, she was baby crazy before, but to ask SONNY to impregnate her (just because 1) he can and 2) his kids are good looking!? Just seemed WAY out there.

I like Ethan & Kristina, he looked relieved to have anyone else sitting next to him rather than the "I just sat there and did nothing while you almost died" woman. Why is she a character on this soap again? Yawn...

Eleven said...

Skye and Jax...boring. Oh, and that woman's name was Fernanda. Not a particularly beautiful name, but it is an actual name, LOL.

I so agree with P@J that Claire's request to Sonnt was WAY out of left field. I had to laugh when I heard it. But, Mr. Dimples is so cute when he's on the hunt, LOL.

I like that Ethan was so forgiving and understanding with Kristina throughout everything. I think something could develop in the future.