Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Buzz About Aiden Alexisomething Cassadine

So are they really going to call this kid Buzz? Because for the record, I'm not on board with that. Regardless, much to my boredom, little Buzzby dominated today's episode as we led up to his much anticipated, well, buzz-napping. (OK, I'll stop now. Or, at least, I'll try.)

But before the newborn goes missing, Great Grandma Cassadine stops by General Hospital to meet her great-grandson. I love Helena's theatrics. And may I say, no one rocks a satin suit like this woman.

Thoroughly enjoyed the fit she threw about the child's name--"It's gauche, tacky and pretentious all in one," she tells Elizabeth, suggesting Ivan, Yuri or Stavros would have been choices more befitting of a Cassadine heir. But Liz and Nikolas just tell her to ... yep, buzz off (I swear I think it's out of my system now). Helena retreats back into the hallway to confer with her big, studly confidant ... is this man's name Thor, or did I just make that up? I like to call him Fabio 2.0. Because he really should be riding a horse shirtless along a beach somewhere. 

By the way, I laughed out loud when Liz told Nikolas that the baby has his eyes. Cause, you know, the kid isn't really his. Hee hee. Can a kid have his half-uncle's eyes?

I watched yesterday's episode even though I didn't blog about it, and I was disappointed that Lucky suggested to Maxie that they should just be friends. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was completely enjoying their scenes together and quickly being swayed to Team Luxie. And I thought it was super cute that he brought Maxie her favorite cookies after he lashed out at her at the hospital.

But never one to spend even a day without male companionship, Maxie quickly rebounded from her "just friends" talk with Lucky (not to mention her couple-days-old breakup with non-husband Spinelli) by meeting Matt for a heart-to-heart on the docks. Doesn't Matt look like he's in the middle of doing some sort of old-school Gene Kelly song-and-dance number on the docks? "I'm singing on the docks, I'm singing on the docks ..."

Maxie tells Matt that while she still loves Spinelli, their relationship is no more. And, after almost making an "unhealthy decision" to be with someone (who shall remain Lucky, I mean, nameless) who she "had no business being with," she's come to the conclusion that she'd like to date Matt. Thank goodness Matt finally got a little self-respect and told her no! Or, in his words, he refuses to be her "in case of emergency, break glass guy." I'm not saying that I wouldn't be open to a Maxie and Matt pairing at some point, but Ms. Crimson needs to work for it. I couldn't understand why hot, single doctor Matt was letting Maxie use him just to make Spinelli jealous in the first place. Shouldn't this guy be fighting them off with a stick? He should at least be able to get a date with a nurse or two down at Mercy.

Lucky wasn't the only guy in Port Charles who thought he could use baked goods to get back in a woman's good graces. Johnny shows up on Olivia's doorstep with a bag, and honestly, I couldn't understand for the life of me the word he kept using to describe what was in the bag (and this is coming from a fellow Italian), but I'm going to assume it was a baked good. Olivia finally relents and lets him in "just for breakfast," but it is JOlivia after all and they are on a couch, so it of course leads to this ...

Olivia sticks to her guns though, and pushes Johnny away before it goes any further, saying she can't keep doing the same thing over and over. After saying they love each other, Johnny puts the ball back in Olivia's court, telling her that if she changes her mind, she knows where to find him.

Later, he runs into Brook Lynn on the docks (I'm pretty sure the bench was still warm from Matt and Maxie) and they make a date to go out on Johnny's speedboat. To the mob prince's credit, he's upfront with Brook that he is still very much in love with Olivia and if she decides she wants him back, that's where he'll be. Brook tells Johnny to calm down while she goes to change into a swim suit for their speedboat excursion. If Helena wants to see gauche and tacky in Port Charles, it's not the name Aiden; it's this get-up that Brook returns in for her date with Johnny. Holy electric blue sequins! She sorta reminds me of Tiffany, the 80s "I Think We're Alone Now" singer.

As with most things that happen on the docks of Port Charles, Johnny and Brook's encounter is spied on by Olivia ...

For a Tuesday, we had a couple of decent cliffhangers at the end of the episode. First, Nikolas and Liz go to take Buzzby home and find that he is missing from the nursery. Wait, is that the "66" bracelet she still has around her wrist?

And in the locker room at GH, Lisa continues to stalk Patrick, finally cornering him by his locker and accusing him of avoiding her so he doesn't have to be reminded of "what amazing sex we had." She continues to go on about their hot sex and how she wants more of it ... just as Carly happens to overhear on the other side of the door. Oh, that's not good, Patrick. If Carly knows, I'm afraid your cheatin' ass is about to be handed to you.

Lots of other things went down in the Chuckles today, too: Poor, traumatized Michael choked Lulu as she woke him from a Carter-haunted sleep, and later he gets into a fight on his first day of road-crew community service while defending his father. Carly and Skye got into an amusing cat fight over Jax. And Claire showed up yet again at Sonny's restaurant, this time wearing something that looked like an odd piece of lingerie under her suit. Uh oh. She's starting to dress the part of Sonny's latest conquest. 

What did you think of today's episode? Your favorite scenes today?


Eleven said...

So many things to comment on...where do I begin? Lisa is making my skin crawl. Not that I'm too happy with Patrick at the moment, but this bitch needs to step off. What was up with that God-awful shiny thing that Brook was wearing? She looks like Snooki Jr. and that's not a compliment.

I'm happy Matt stood up for himself, but fear without Maxie we may never see him.

And Jolivia = Hotness.

Dawn Decker said...

Eleven, too funny about Snooki Jr.! That's exactly what Brook looked like! I agree, it has been nice to see so much of Matt recently, and I also fear he'll be dropped back into obscurity if he no longer has scenes with Maxie. But I think they will revisit Matt and Maxie at some point soon--I'm just happy they didn't have him cave into her immediately because she really hasn't treated him well.

PJ said...

I'm singing on the docks, just singing on the docks... this made my night. So funny, loved the pic.

Missed yesterday's episode, but I'm all up to speed with this post!