Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Want to Go to a Concert in the Park With Lucky

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you already know that I adore Jonathan Jackson's Lucky. And after what the poor man endured at the hands of his fiance and brother, I want nothing more than the handsome cop to find himself a good woman. Right now, it seems as if both Claire and Maxie have captured Officer Hottie's attention. I know I just said in yesterday's recap how much I enjoyed Lucky and Claire's scenes together at the PCPD, but today's scenes with Lucky and Maxie gave those some serious competition.

After Lucky calls her, Maxie meets him at the PCPD, where she promptly brings up their earlier kiss in the interrogation room. "You're not making it easy to break the ice," says Lucky, to which Maxie cutely replies, "We had ice?" Lucky then proceeds to invite her to join him for an acoustic folk concert in the park. If only every man were this transparent. As I've mentioned before, if Lucky invites you to see live music, it's a sure sign he's into you. Acoustic folk isn't really my thing, but if I could somehow be magically transported to Port Charles, I'd listen to that guy Franco hired sing "Route 66" over and over again for two straight hours if Lucky invited me. Before Maxie accepts his invitation, she informs Lucky that Liz just went into labor and has been admitted to General Hospital, and he tries his best to appear unfazed.

Back at the Crimson offices, after the concert, Maxie compliments Lucky's own musical talents, as she's one of the few who has heard him sing and play the guitar ("Well, this audience of one thinks that you rock," she tells him), while Lucky admires the success Maxie is having in her career. When she presses him on the Liz issue, he says all the right things--that he wants both he and Liz to be happy, but that won't be with each other. "I'm real clear on what I don't want," he says. By the way, it's been a very long time since I've seen Lucky smile like he did today after Maxie told him he rocked. Aahhh, too cute.

So yeah, Liz went into labor, but not before her and Nikolas continued to mend their fences and bond over their soon-to-be-born child. To be honest, I was bored to tears throughout all of it. And I was upset to see that even after telling Maxie that he had no place being at the hospital for the birth of Liz and Nikolas's child, that's exactly where Lucky ended up. Damn you, Liz. He was so cute and happy just a minute ago.

Believe it or not, mob boss Sonny's scenes provided today's dose of comic relief. First, he and Claire chat in the Metro Court lobby, and the prosecutor tries to convince him to give up his life of crime and go legit. Um, yeah Claire, he's tried that already. Didn't really work out. I loved, though, when Claire was trying to convince to him to give up mob life and told him to "send this thing back," referring to his pinkie ring. Ha! I think Giselle at Couture magazine should consider a sister publication just for its Port Charles readership called Mob Couture. Full-page spreads on silk suits and pinkie rings!

After Claire leaves, Sonny runs into Alexis (Sexis!), who invites him to the country club with her to meet Molly and Kristina. Once there, the girls begin to quiz Sonny on his fitness routine, which we now know is weight-lifting in his home gym and boxing. While Kristina makes a joke about Sonny jogging with his bodyguards and their guns reflecting off the sunlight, I was envisioning Sonny jogging in his silk suit. Because really, the man is never out of that suit unless sex is involved. Maybe they could do a feature story on silk jogging suits in the next issue of Mob Couture. Jokes aside though, this was a really cute scene and made me think that an Alexis and Sonny re-coupling might just work.

The family party is broken up by Warren, Kiefer's dad, who informs them that Alexis' civil suit trial for Kiefer's death will start next week and Kristina will be called to testify. I understand the man is upset about his son, but why not just get a restraining order against him if he keeps popping up all over town to harass Alexis and 17-year-old Kristina?

By the way, how much did that guy get paid for just laying there shirtless, sunbathing behind Sonny Corinthos? That's some day's work. And speaking of Couture, I thought it was funny that the sunbather's girlfriend was reading that magazine and not Crimson. Even Kate Howard's magazine doesn't get any screen time!

So Lisa is turning into a full-fledged Fatal Attraction right before Patrick's eyes. I think that's called karma, Patrick, and she sure is being a bitch. After accusing Patrick of ducking her calls, she then informs him that he "should be kissing my ass" because she has the power to basically blow his life to hell. Ooh, shit just got real, Patrick. Later, Lisa literally interrupts a kiss between Patrick and Robin by basically sticking her big fat binder in between the two of them.

While Dante, Spinelli and Jason are working back at Casa de Stone Cold to piece together clues about Franco and how the "Route 66" song figures into the psychopath's puzzle ...

... Franco is at the Crimson offices putting a scare into Lulu.

While Franco's previous visits to people in Port Charles (Carly, Maxie, Jax) have been downright pleasant, Franco is more menacing with Lulu (although to be fair, it was sweet of him to compliment her shoes before he left). "I'm starting to feel a little ignored," he tells her. "Who do I have to kill to get a little attention around here?" He then details how he would kill her and position her body for Dante to find it. But it's more mind games for Franco as he ultimately leaves her unharmed, giving her an envelope to deliver to Dante.

Dante leaves Jason's penthouse and soon after, dirty cop Ronnie Domestico arrives and promptly arrests Stone Cold and ships him back to Pentonville. It seems Ronnie is closer to Franco than we think. Once Stone Cold is back in his cell, he finds an envelope waiting for him. I assumed it was yet another photo of a dead body. But Franco is nothing short of unpredictable. So imagine my delight when Jason opens the envelope to find a photo of everybody's favorite toy monkey, Leonardo!

What were your favorites scenes today? Least favorite?


PJ said...

I know, I'd still like to see Lucky with someone new like Claire, but did like the scenes w/ Maxie. Ah Lucky, I second everything you said and thank you for the screen shots.

I also thought the family lunch at the country club was funny... love Kristina laughing at the visual of Sonny out jogging. And I liked the convo b/t them about flinching when someone moves, etc. (NOT for the subject matter mind you, but the father/daughter bonding). It'd be nice to have Kristina not be sooo annoying. And I'm all for Sonny & Alexis!

What do we call Lucky & Maxie - Mucky?

Dawn Decker said...

PJ, I'm very torn right now between whether I want to see Lucky with Claire or Maxie. I was firmly Team Clucky, but he's had some great scenes with Maxie. I think they'll still play around with this Claire and Sonny thing for the time-being, and then maybe a Lucky and Claire pairing will be further out. Mucky ... haha! I was thinking Luxie (which isn't much better) but I'm not sure what the "official" name is for the two.

I agree with you that that was a nice exchange between Sonny and Kristina (yes, not the subject matter, but just the bonding aspect of it). It was a really good scene all around.

Eleven said...

I loved the Lucky/Maxie scenes! Ever since those lamp scenes a while back (remember that?) I have been drawn to the chemistry between JJ's Lucky and Maxie. I like where they seem to be going and if Claire wants to put up a fight for the guy, I think Maxie and Claire duking it out for our hunky cop wouldn't be at all dull to watch.

I really enjoyed the scenes at the club with Sonny, Alexis, and the girls. It was nice family time which we don't normally see. And to be honest, I'm totally up for a Sexis redux.