Monday, July 12, 2010

Mac Is Tan, Patrick Is Guilty, and Franco Continues to Monkey With Port Charles

It seemed like a rather dull day in The Chuckles, even though Franco and his army of toy monkeys did their best to spice things up. In the park, he kneeled beside Josslyn and taunted Jax for what seemed like a good five minutes before it dawned on Jax that a call to 911 might be appropriate when you're witnessing a psychopath stroking your baby daughter's forehead. Jax informs the operator that he's in the park with "Franco, the serial killer," to which the artist responds, "If you're going to throw around labels, I'm going to take my monkey and go," and disappears into the bushes. By the time Dante and Ronnie Domestico show up on the scene, Franco is long gone. But not to worry, dear citizens of Port Charles. Mac's going to get one of them there hel-ee-copters to look for Franco, "an eye in the sky," as Ronnie calls it. Gee, you think? Because you only have a wanted serial killer strolling around all over town in broad daylight. Maybe time to call in some reinforcements to back up lone officer Dante and an unarmed Jason.

Ronnie and Dante then head back to the PCPD, and we discover that Uncle Mac has indeed resurfaced ... and wow, looks like somebody used their two sessions for the price of one coupon for L.A. Tans!

At Sonny's office, Claire threatens to go to Judge Carroll with her eye-witness account of Sonny and Michael spending time together, which could result in Michael's parole being revoked. After some pleading on Michael and Sonny's part, she then decides to spare the teen a trip back to Pentonville, which prompts Sonny to expresse his gratitude to his new favorite prosecutor.

Soon after, Jason visits Sonny and gives him one of his "you taught me how to be a man, you're a great father despite almost killing yet another one of your children" speeches. Amazing how chatty our bulked-up friend gets when extolling Sonny's virtues. Meanwhile, Sonny's grateful for the kind words, but what he really wants to talk about is how he plans to bed prosecutor Claire. Now that's how you stay out of prison, kids.

Back in scrubs land, distance has made the Robin grow horny, and she's looking to get a little action from her guilty-as-sin hubby in the hospital supply closet. He stalls her by telling her he wants to wait until they get home--something about taking his time and savoring every inch of her. Once at home, Cheats McGee showers his wife with roses and chocolates and tells her that she has changed him and he never wants to be without her--completely tear-in-the-eye sweet if we didn't just watch him down Irish car bombs with Lisa and then proceed to rip her clothes off. After the "missed you while I was in Africa" sex finally commences, Robin looks perfectly content while Patrick looks almost ill, as if he's had an erection for more than four hours and now needs to go to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Lisa has caught on to Patrick and Robin's marital antics, first as she sees them depart the supply closet and then when she realizes both have signed out early for the night. Girlfriend gets a little stalkerish as she starts ringing up Patrick's phone for a "consult," but hottie ex-luva Steve overhears her leaving the World's Best Neurosurgeon a voicemail and smells a big, blonde rat. I so love that Steve is done be played by this broad. You go, Mr. Abs and Attitude.

Claire shows up at Sonny's restaurant for a third time (it is a charm after all) to find a candlelit dinner, wine and a Italian silk suit waiting for her. Oh, and Sonny has that bracelet she "mistakenly" left behind. The prosecutor allows herself to be wined and dined, even opening up to Sonny about her need for children (it was much cuter when she did this with Lucky) ... until Johnny Z. shows up to bust up the party. Loved this scene, especially when Jay-Z drank Sonny's wine straight from the bottle. Hee hee. A flustered Claire says that Johnny is right; it is inappropriate for her to be dining with the man she's trying to prosecute and flees the restaurant, grabbing her bracelet and leaving Sonny to wallow in his antipasto.

Back in Franco-ville, with his monkeys looking on, the artists continues to decorate his new digs with his signature "CO77X" while Spinozo uncovers a property on Road 66 that has been rented by a one Karen Anderson (aka, Franco's mom). Before you can say "back-up? who needs back-up when you're dealing with a serial killer?" Dante and Jason head off to Franco's mansion ...

I was a little bored by today's episode. What was your favorite part(s)?


Party@Jakes said...

I can't stop laughing at you calling Patrick Cheats McGee. THAT is my favorite part.

I also loved Jax just calmly watching while "serial killer Franco" was touching Joss... Well, if you're going to throw labels around...

That pic you posted of Mac actually looks good - he looks young, and one wonders why he's been single for so long after Felicia and her memoir-writing self flew the coop...

Jay Z w/ the wine was fabulous.

Eleven said...

I don't have much to add here except that I can't stand Lisa and agree with P@J that Mac's looking pretty good.

Dawn, the best part about reading your recaps is that I actually Laugh-Out-Loud when reading them. :)

Dawn Decker said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, ladies! I'm so happy I make someone laugh other than myself! And I do have to agree with you both that Mac did look good yesterday. I think I was just so overwhelmed by his obvious tanning that I overlooked that, wow, he's still got it after all these years. Yet another good man going to waste in The Chuckles!