Wednesday, July 21, 2010


In the wake of the disappearance of Baby Aiden Cassadine--or Buzz, as Liz would like him to be called--General Hospital is put on emergency lockdown. No one can enter or exit the building, and everyone must clear the hallways. And surprise, surprise, the cop assigned to the case is none other than Lucky--also known by the nursing staff as that guy who was peering through the blinds into the delivery room during Buzzby's birth.

But first, just before the lockdown alarms are sounded, Carly continues to get an ear full as she eavesdrops on Patrick and Lisa's conversation in the hospital locker room. "You came to my house that night practically begging to have sex," Lisa tells him. And while home girl may be psycho, she ain't lying. He totally did. As Carly turns to leave the break room, she runs smack into Robin, and both of them overhear the tail end of the World's Greatest Surgical Team's argument. Patrick and Lisa then leave the locker room and run right into Carly and Robin, claiming to their audience that they were fighting over Shirley's care. Oh, but Carly knows better.

(By the way, Robin was a complete brat to Carly, and I loved that Carly put her in her place. I just can't stand that "holier than thou" attitude of Robin's.)

Once the lockdown mandate is issued, Robin is stuck with Lisa in the break room while Carly, seeking a consult on Michael, is stuck in an empty hospital room with Patrick. Carly makes it known to Patrick that she knows all about his dirty little secret with Lisa, while Lisa goes on to Robin about the tension between her and her ex-lover Patrick and how "out of control" Patrick was while Robin was in Africa. You know she's just dying to spill to Robin that she got into her husband's knickers.

Also stuck in the hospital mid-lockdown are Michael and Olivia, who discuss Michael's life post-Pentonville; Maxie, who on a search for Matt Hunter ends up in Shirley's room; and Warren Bauer, Kiefer's father, who corners Kristina in an empty room. Lots of empty rooms in this hospital, by the way. Anyways, while I tried to have some sympathy for Warren because he lost his son, he completely creeps me out and I find it incredibly disturbing that he constantly berates a 17-year-old girl who was horribly beaten. I get that they're trying to show that he's abusive, which led to Kiefer being abusive, but the final scene today where he goes to hit Kristina was too much for me. Go away, Warren Bauer. And take your lavender tie with you.

While General Hospital may have been on lockdown along with half of Port Charles inside it, there was still plenty of activity outside of the hospital walls. Johnny and Brook Lynn embarked on their speedboat date and ended up on the beach on a small island off the coast of the Chuckles. Some seriously bad flirting ensues--"you mob snob got your own private beach" "I bet you were quite the 'heat patrol' back in Bensonhurst--and then Brook claims that she's got Johnny all figured out. See, she knows he puts up a tough front, but underneath it all, he's really just lonely. Not that Johnny's such a tough nut to crack, but she's psychoanalyzing him after one speedboat ride together? Apparently it worked though, because next thing you know, the two are in the middle of a full-fledged make-out session. Oh, and that hideous blue sequined bathing suit top Brook was wearing yesterday? Apparently she took it off to reveal something just as tacky.

We also got more Sexis today! I'm really starting to enjoy these two together again. I hate to say it, but Alexis has a lot more chemistry with Sonny than ol' Uncle Mac.

And all the way on the opposite coast from Port Charles, Jason and Dante arrive in LA in search of Franco and his 66 clues. They arrive at the Museum of Contemporary Art (or, the MOCA) to find preparations being made for Franco's next big art exhibit, which is being overseen by our old friend Willie, who we first saw visiting Franco at the old Lockland Mansion.

Eh, to be honest, the Franco storyline isn't nearly as interesting when I can't actually stare at Franco. And while he was mentioned often, the crazy sexy artist didn't get any actual screen time today. But let's just say some shit is about to go down, toy monkey-style.

Oh right, and Buzzby. Almost forgot about the missing newborn. Well, of course, Helena--who gets stuck in the hospital during the lockdown too--is the prime suspect in the buzz-napping. She denies it, and if the 66 on Liz's hospital bracelet is any indication, the Cassadine matriarch is more than likely telling the truth for once. I do love how Helena still managed to berate Elizabeth for naming the child Aiden--"How can you burden a child like that?" Haha. I love that she thinks a name like Yuri or Ivan would be less of a burden.

I haven't read any spoilers, and I'm completely curious where Baby Buzzby is, why Franco took him, how it all plays into what's about to go down out in Los Angeles. Any ideas?


PJ said...


Loved, loved, loved Carly telling Robin not to push her because Robin's not going to like how Carly pushes back! Ha! Agreed, Robin is a pain in the ass, and she had that coming to her after reminding Carly of her early screw ups with Michael.

Did I read somewhere that Franco was going to recreate Jason's whole life, including the accident that made him... 'Stonecold'? Also with you that unless they're actually SHOWING Franco, talking about him is BORING.

And could it be... do you think a possible Sonny/Alexis reunion is in the works?!? OMG, I love these two together right now! C'mon Molly... how can you not see the romantic potential. That annoying kid should be all over this!

And Lisa! I couldn't believe the line she used on Robin "we're both seeing other people and we're dealing with that...". CRAZY!!!!

What a buzz-worthy episode for a Wednesday (see what I did there?).

Eleven said...

Kudos to you on having SoapsInDepthABC single out your blog!

Cannot believe Lisa had the gall to tell Robin all that she did. Almost made me feel sorry for Robin. Almost. I still enjoy Carly putting her in her place.

The chemistry between Sonny and Alexis is undeniable. I am really loving their time together.

I'm with you on the Warren thing. There is just no way to feel sympathy for a man who acts that way around a young, traumatized girl. I will not be upset in the least if his life is one of the ones claimed in the showdown.

"Oh, and that hideous blue sequined bathing suit top Brook was wearing yesterday? Apparently she took it off to reveal something just as tacky." -- I knew you would comment on this, LOL. I cringed when I saw it.

I agree about Franco, it's just not the same without seeing him on screen.

As always great recap, Dawn!