Thursday, July 8, 2010

Did Today Mark the End of Spixie and Jolivia?

So much to talk about in Port Charles today. For starters, Maxie found herself kissing almost everyone except for poor non-husband Spinelli. I use to love this couple back in the day, but I'm thinking it's time to put a fork in them ... they're done. After spying Matt kissing Maxie on her couch, Spinelli quietly limped away, clearly a man defeated and no longer with an ounce of passion for anything that doesn't start with "Stone" and end in "Cold." As far as Matt's concerned, I'm not quite sure why he continues to be used by Maxie, when she's stated in very clear terms that that's exactly what she's doing in order to make the man she truly loves jealous, but obviously he sees something real beneath the surface of her scheming. But again, is Matt really going to fulfill Maxie's "bad boy" needs?

Oh, and you might also want to try using some of that fashion tape, Maxie, because it looks like we almost had a malfunction. I'm sure they have boatloads over at Crimson. But back to the kissing. If Maxie was smart, she should have just stood in a booth, charged a dollar a kiss and given the proceeds to charity. Because by the end of the episode, she was also on lip lock-down with Lucky.
So yes, we're pretty sure Maxie grabbed Lucky because she knew Liz was watching and wanted to make her jealous. But I also like to think that Lucky's new haircut and fresh summer wardrobe played a part in women being unable to control their impulses around him.
Lucky also shared some screen time with Claire today. I've been waiting for these two to finally reconnect on-screen, but their paring was a disappointment today. Gone was that cute, funny, quirky chemistry as Claire revealed her scheme to seduce Sonny into an eventual prison sentence. Oh Claire, as Lucky pointed out, you would be one in a million who have tried and failed. But that didn't stop Claire from rushing over to Sonny's restaurant to set Operation Seduction into motion. (Bonus: Conan sighting!)
Over at General Hospital, Lisa was doing her best to induce vomiting--no, not with a patient, with anyone who was watching her do back flips to kiss Robin's ass. It was very uncomfortable to watch her fawn over the woman whose husband she had just slept with and make double entendres about what Patrick was "up to" while Robin was away--but later watching Steve call her out on her crap almost made up for it. Nobody uses Steve's six-pack abs and gets away with it for long!
After telling Lisa to put that in her pipe and smoke it, the day was beginning to look up for Steve when he got a surprise lunch-date proposition from Carly. Wait, wasn't she still with Franco back at the Metro Court? Apparently the viewers were not privy to the end of that encounter we witnessed in yesterday's episode, but Carly appeared unscathed as she brought Josselyn to GH for her check-up. Later, Carly and Steve have lunch at the Metro Court, under the watchful eye of Jax and Skye (who apparently eat all their meals there together now), and seem to be having a lovely, flirtatious time until Carly fesses up to Steve that the date was only a ploy to make her husband jealous. Poor Steve. Why is such a gorgeous doctor, who also appears to be an all-around good guy, being manipulated by all these women? Someone please find him a decent, genuine woman who is not Maya Ward.
Today's episode also saw Olivia and Johnny rip each other's clothes off and break up for about the bazillionth time. I don't know why though, but this time it seemed like it really could be over. Olivia was so upset, she even walked out of Johnny's penthouse with her shirt still unbuttoned. How far she got before she realized her goods were out in the store window aside, my real question is why neither Johnny nor Olivia have bedrooms in their respective places. Maybe because they just never make it past the living room.
So are Johnny and Olivia truly over? And if so, who will they each be paired with next? Could Olivia be the good woman Steve so desperately needs? Will Kristina truly stay away from Johnny? She's been told she has to stay away, but does this look like a girl who's ready to obey her parents' rules?


Eleven said...

I, too, loved Spixie once upon a time, but they went nowhere.

I really hope this isn't the end of Jolivia. I guess the only way I could get behind this if Olivia happened to hook up with a certain Dr. with a heart of gold who's only purpose so far is to take a punch and be used by the women of Port Chuck.

PartyatJakes said...

First of all, can I hear a round of applause for Steven Lars, for being the first man in Port Charles in for-eva to actually SEE what's going on under their nose?? (I'm talking to you Lucky Spencer... you too Spinozo). That was awesome that he picked up on Lisa's little comments and totally called her out on it. Woo hoo, loved it!

Not the only man to grow a pair today, Sonny finally stepped up to the parenting plate and put that little snot of a daughter in her place. Be mad all you want Krissy, but show some respect! (shhh... yes, yes, I know he almost killed her with a car bomb, but the lack of respect out of this little brat has bothered me long before recent events). I was almost loving Sonny again until he gave Claire that swarmy I-used-to-run-a-strip-club smile. Egads...

I don't think Maxie saw Liz, I have a feeling that Maxie 'felt something' with Matt's kiss, so she was in the police station to kiss Lucky and see if she'd have the same reaction.

Back to Steve-o, I liked his scene with Carly. He deserves to be hooked up with an established GH actress... those GH lineages should be respected!

A bit sad to see no Claire/Lucky flirting today... I'm not giving up yet!!

Did notice Olivia's shirt... nothing says this relationship is over like not even taking time to button up on the way out the door.

Dawn Decker said...

Eleven, I agree, I really don't want to see Jolivia end. They're one of those "root for against all odds" couples, and they're always interesting to watch. But if GH does split them up, even temporarily, it would be interesting to see some other pairings with these two characters. Olivia and Steve seem like total opposites, but it might be fun to see what plays out if they're put together.

P@J, I'm cracking up over Sonny and his "used to run a strip club" smile ... I felt like I needed a shower after that smile! And interesting that you don't think Maxie kissed Lucky just for the benefit of pissing off Liz. Your theory could definitely be right on the money. Regardless, I think Liz deserved to see that kiss after cheating on my poor, amazingly handsome Lucky :)