Sunday, July 25, 2010

Twitter Poll Results: Which General Hospital Character You (and Nancy Lee Grahn!) Want to Date

Earlier this month, I wrote a Guest Column for about the overabundance of single men in Port Charles these days. It just didn't seem right to me that men like Ethan Lovett, Lucky Spencer, Steve Webber, Matt Hunter and even Sonny Corinthos were wandering around our favorite fictional town without female companionship.

While I didn't want to just rehash what I said on here on my blog, I did want to find a way to celebrate on The Nurses Station the beautiful men of Port Charles who we're privileged to spend an hour with each weekday. I had written a previous blog post entitled "I Want to Go to a Concert in the Park With Lucky," and it got me thinking: Which General Hospital character would all of you want to go on a date with, and where would you go? So I took to Twitter to conduct my first informal General Hospital poll.

I got so many great responses (way more than I anticipated!), and thanks to my dear friend @PartyAtJakes who thought to pose the question to Nancy Lee Grahn on Twitter, we have her response as Alexis! Along with Nancy's, here is a recap of all of your responses. And if you didn't have an opportunity to weigh in with your responses and would like to, please add your thoughts to the comments section. Or, maybe this will warrant a "Part Two" blog post!

While the mob contingency of Port Charles is often a point of debate among GH fans and critics, when it comes to dating, many of you sure do like your bad boys. Mob king pin himself, Sonny Corinthos, by far received the most votes of any man in The Chuckles. As @brigette912 said, "A date with any GH character? No contest ... SONNY!!!!" Echoed @TheBreakTheBend, "Sonny! Hands down!" I know, ladies, it's hard to argue with those dimples and that mob-don swagger. @AlwaysEpicMB added, "Sonny! Like him or not, it's bound to be an exciting night!"

And, as both @sonnysgal4life and @leilahlowe pointed out, the man does own his own private island--and both wanted to go there with him on their date. "I would go with Sonny to the island, live it out on the beach!! Yummy!! That image with the dimpled don!! Again yummy!!" said @sonnysgal4life.

Food was also a popular choice for a date with Sonny, a man who not only has demonstrated his prowess in the kitchen, but who also owns his own restaurant (OK, so maybe it's rare that anyone actually eats there, but still). @TalkingCrayon would like to cook with Sonny, while @Neenee612 voted for dinner with him.

For some, the place didn't matter as much as the man. @mobprincess2714 said, "Date with Sonny. The place doesn't matter as long as I'm with him." @MBthebest agreed, "I would like to go on a date with Sonny ... I would go anywhere with him."

Food and mob life also inspired @Luv_Bytes, who commented, "I would luv to have a romantic dinner by candlelight with Johnny--I know my gnocchi would taste better than Olivias :)" Just don't forget the red wine. And if you have a gold lame bikini (I know, who doesn't), you could always go for a speedboat ride before dinner!

@Luv_Bytes also put a vote in for a hands-down favorite of mine, none other than Jake's owner Coleman: "Hmmm--just had my appeteaser--Johnny. Now I want my main course, Coleman--sushi on his pool table :)" Move over, Kate Howard!

Sonny's right-hand man, Jason Morgan, also received a lot of enthusiasm from respondents. "Of course Jason, anywhere, preferably outside when it's raining, yum yum," said @threefreddie333. Jason in the rain? I like the way @threefreddie333 thinks. @Neenee612 wants to go to a bar (maybe Jake's) with the enforcer, while @PartyAtJakes and @JustRunToMe both opted for a motorcycle ride with Stone Cold. "Maybe followed by a rooftop dinner," @JustRunToMe added. Hurry up, ladies, and get him before he's shipped back to Pentonville!

@PartyAtJakes also cast a vote for a date at Jake's with a character from Port Charles past--Zander.

While many of you might have been deterred from a date with Franco by his dark, violent art, penchant for toy monkeys and, oh yeah, he does like to kill people and pose their dead bodies for pictures, none of this dissuaded Alexis, at least in Nancy Lee Grahn's mind. After all, this is a woman who dated Jerry Jax. "Serial killers" might as well be listed under "likes" on Alexis' online dating profile. Nancy responded, "Franco ... would love to use Alexis' academic prowess to undermine his 'performance artistry'." You've got to admit, the man is easy on the eyes. And when's the last time you got 66 perfect, long-stem red roses?

All three of the Spencer men, Luke, Lucky and Ethan, received some love from the Twitter-verse. @JenniferLPratt said, "Luke Spencer at the Haunted Star just to see Tracy squirm ... She's frickin' hilarious!" Brave woman, taking on Tracy Q.! @nixcruz weighed in for Lucky, but with a few conditions: "Lucky today (post drugs /maxie/liz 3.0) but still looking like Greg Vaughan." @Rosanna_Accardi, who chose Ethan, also had a condition: "If I wanted to go younger, I'd choose Ethan, without his hair in a bun." She has a point ...

Not to worry, the good guys received lots of love from respondents too. I was very happy when @HeidiKnowles weighed in with a vote for our often-neglected Mac Scorpio: "I decided on Mac only because he's hardly ever working which means he would have plenty of time 4 me :)" And, to be honest, ol' Uncle Mac is looking pretty fine these days.

Proving that the apple doesn't fall far from the Corinthos tree, Officer Dante Falconeri received lots of votes from respondents, too. @Wakonda said, "DANTE!!! Anywhere!!" again making the point that place doesn't really matter so much when it comes to a lot of these men.

Much like with his father Sonny, food inspired a couple of your fantasy dates with Dante. @mariaskyy opted for an Italian restaurant with Dante, adding "Plz Lulu, don't hurt me :)"  Said @melmaxmcd, "I would say out to dinner with Dante. I think he would be very attentive and we both love great food."

Finally, @GHfangirl11 weighed in with a date with Dante at Jake's, commenting "even though I hate Dante right now, I like Dominic Zamprogna."

@GHfangirl11 also cast a vote for Dante's brother, Michael, saying, "He was so adorable holding Josslyn--guys holding babies is an instant way to get to a girl's heart!" I immediately knew which scene she was referring to, and have to agree. Not to mention, Michael is long overdue to have something good happen in his life, like a nice girl! Aww, how cute is this ...

@Rosanne_Accardi responded, "definitely Jax." I think she could easily swoop in the next time Carly and Skye are busy cat-fighting--well, at least until Brender gets to town.

@KHoover71 envisioned "a romantic evening picnic with Dr. Matt Hunter," who I think is one of Port Charles most eligible bachelors--and certainly one of its most grossly underused.

@TalkingCrayon would "love to play pool/darts at Jake's with Patrick," proving that Jake's is almost as popular as some of the men in Port Charles.

And finally, @Musou80 commented, "Hands down, Spinelli. Rooftop romantic dinner with some bubbly (orange soda)--what could be better?" I loved that she made sure to include Spinelli's favorite drink!

Thank you again to everyone who contributed responses. I tried to be super-organized with everyone's responses, but if by some chance you did respond to me, and I didn't include it in the post, please let me know and I'll add it in. And, as I previously mentioned, if you didn't have an opportunity to respond and would like to, I would love to keep this going in the comments section. Hmm, now I have that song "It's Raining Men" stuck in my head ...


PartyatJakes said...

Love it! It really is Sonny's World, isn't it? Love the Zander pic.

Eleven said...

I absolutely love this! Happy to see you got so many responses. Sonny Corinthos is the mob don for a reason, it seems.

Dawn Decker said...

Thanks for the feedback, girls! I'm glad you liked it. This was a lot of fun to do. If you have any ideas for future polls, definitely let me know.

I was surprised that Sonny won by such a landslide, but it just goes to show how appealing he truly is. Claire Walsh doesn't stand a chance!