Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Countdown to Car Bomb Friday Is On

Today's episode laid a lot of groundwork for what is sure to be one heck of a "Cliffhanger Friday" tomorrow before the long holiday weekend--what with cars about to blow up and serial killer Franco lurking through the streets of Port Charles. Sonny gathered together Milo and Max at the restaurant to put the final touches on the Johnny car bomb plan. I love how Sonny emphasized to Milo and Max to make sure nothing can be traced back to him. The entire town knows Sonny wants Johnny dead more than anything. Even if police can't trace physical evidence back to Sonny, well, his emotionally scarred 17-year-old daughter who hates him is going to know, his estranged son who hates him is going to know, the mother of said estranged son who Sonny's been trying to woo back since she arrived in Port Charles is going to know ... and the list goes on. Sonny makes less sense than even the Port Charles legal system and medical system combined. Really Sonny, you don't need a crystal ball or a psychic to predict that the only thing blowing up worse than Johnny's car is this plan, right in your face.

While Sonny was nailing out the details of Operation Car Bomb with Max and Milo in his office, Johnny arrived and decided to make himself comfortable in the restaurant, ordering a full meal and shooting the breeze with everyone's favorite waiter, Conan. The scene showed just how far the Mob Prince is willing to go to push Sonny's buttons, even taunting him that tiramisu is Kristina's favorite dessert because the brandy in it "loosens her up."

Back at The Harbor View Towers, Franco, looking all hot and rugged in homeless couture, continued to lurk outside Jason's condo while Stone Cold entertained a living room full of cops on his first night back from Pentonville. Maxie approaches the building and thinks she glimpses her former one-night stand, until he suddenly disappears into a random flash mob that spontaneously gathers in front of The Harbor View Towers and just as quickly disperses, taking Franco along with it. Later, the last scene of the episode shows Dante exiting Jason's building and running right into Franco, who he quickly pulls a gun on. Now how is our crazy psycho killer going to talk his way out of this one? If it wasn't for that meddling police officer ...
Back at General Hospital, two of what must be the only three surgeons on staff--Patrick and Lisa (they left surgeon no. three, Steve, to man The Nurses Station)--tackled Shirley's extremely risky brain surgery while carrying on a full-on flirt session. Really, you two? Why don't you just make out right over the poor anesthetized woman's body? Patrick really must be the World's Best Neurosurgeon if he can perform an incredibly complicated, the odds-are-against-us surgery and still find time to try to get into his ex-girlfriend's pants. The whole thing makes me mad. He doesn't even seem a little remorseful or guilty that he kissed a woman other than his wife. After the surgery, which of course is a success (I like Shirley, so thank goodness she had the World's Best Neurosurgeon), Drake Jr. continues to pontificate about how fabulous and amazing he is (telling Lisa he has "the hands of a God"), but not before making arrangements to go out drinking with the woman he had no business mauling on a couch just a couple nights ago. Oh, I'm so over this guy.
Outside of the OR, Liz and Nikolas wait for word on Shirley's surgery and managed to rekindle just a little bit of that spark that drove them to get naked countless times in Windamere's turret room. Unfortunately, just as Liz decides that maybe her baby daddy ain't so bad after all, poor, delicate, sensitive, insanely hot Lucky walks onto the oncology floor and witnesses the tender moment. This is why Lucky needs a good woman in his life STAT.


PartyatJakes said...

"Oh! If only I had READ that pamphlet!"
--Liz to self

(Anyone else catch that right before Liz's scene w/ Steve @ The Nurses Station, she is standing behind a computer monitor. In front of the computer monitor - a pamphlet reading in bold letters "BIRTH CONTROL".

Day late, dollar short, Lizzie... will you ever learn??

Dawn Decker said...

Ha, your attention to detail is unmatched, P@J! I totally didn't catch that birth control pamphlet, but it's nice to know that the folks at GH have a good sense of humor. Yes, after three unplanned pregnancies, I'm thinking a pamphlet isn't going to be enough to educate our fertile Lizzie.