Monday, June 28, 2010

Recap of Last Night's Daytime Emmys: Old Guys, Orange Skin and A Few Awards Thrown In

I wasn't planning to do a recap of last night's Daytime Emmy Awards, but after sitting through the two-hour show, well, I have some thoughts I'd like to share. Since this post wasn't pre-medidated, I didn't take any notes while watching the show, and I apologize for not having any screen shots, but here are some random observations:

  • At least half of the fun of awards shows is the red carpet, yet instead of CBS airing this one, I instead had to watch Tony Hawk pretend to be a cashier. Of course, I give credit to Soap Opera Network for attempting to stream the red carpet online, but for anyone who tried to actually watch it, it was fraught with technical difficulties--to the point where I found it unwatchable. I don't know what most of the stars looked like last night and sadly the few that I do know what they looked like includes Ron Moss and that funky scarf.
  • Did they call David Copperfield up five minutes before the show started to see if he could kick things off? What was with the casual, untucked look? I'm sorry to break it to you Daytime Emmys, but I've read the book, and I'm pretty sure that means he's just not that into you. Way to start the show.
  • I thought it was cool that David Letterman appeared to do a Top 10 on the show ... but why a Top 10 about Regis? Why not about the soaps? Like," Top 10 Reasons You Know Your Soap Character's Not Really Dead. No. 10: You blow up in car." I realize Regis is a part of daytime too, but he was already getting plenty of exposure as host.
  • I wasn't exactly paying the closest of attention (thank you, Twitter, for the distraction) but I'm pretty sure an odd parade of older men started to come out at this point. I do remember Don Rickles appearing at one point and thinking, "What in the world does he have to do with daytime?" I'm sure they explained it, but I was too bored to care.
  • It's near impossible to say anything bad about Dick Clark, and I was completely choked up when he started crying at the end of the American Bandstand Tribute ... but did we really need that long of an American Bandstand Tribute? Especially when other tributes, namely the one to As The World Turns, were so stinkin' short?
  • One highlight of the Bandstand tribute was when all the stars started doing the twist at their seats along with Chubby Checker up on stage--I may or may not have twisted just a little in my living room. But what in the world was Chubby wearing? Maroon pants and a red blouse (yes, I said blouse) with some odd gray jacket over the whole mess? Much like everyone knows not to wear white after Labor Day, can we please make a similar fashion rule about wearing maroon and red together? Please. I implore you. Do it for Chubby.
  • Yeah, they were in Vegas. I got it. Did not need the Lion King performance, or the human crab walking over to hand Wayne Brady an envelope to reinforce that concept. If you want to give me Vegas, give me a slot machine and a martini. Otherwise, don't bother.
  • Speaking of Vegas, are there no good tanning salons there? Why was everyone orange? Like, really orange?
  • As I tweeted last night, The Blue Man Group ranks just beneath clowns and The Burger King on my list of things that seriously freak me the flip out. I have a restraining order out against any man in blue makeup, and they broke it by appearing on my TV set last night.
  • Maybe if they cut down on the aforementioned Bandstand tribute, Lion King performance, Blue Man Group appearance, etc., they would have had more time for the actual awards. I was sorely disappointed that they skipped the clip reels while presenting the acting awards and that the show reels for Best Drama Series weren't longer. Not only is this a time to spotlight the nominees, but very few people watch every single soap, and the reels give the audience a taste of their favorites' competition.
  • What happened to Cheech and Chong? Did I spend the whole night wondering what the heck could Cheech and Chong possibly be doing there (as promised in the opening credits) and somehow miss them on the show?

As for who won the actual awards, I only watch General Hospital these days, so I can't really say who was deserving and who might have gotten robbed. I know I was thrilled when Julie Berman and GH's directing team won, and flat-out miserable whenever GH or one of its actors lost.

So what am I forgetting, folks? Because I'm sure I'm forgetting something. What were your overall thoughts on the show? I saw a stat today on Twitter that the ratings for last night were up more than 80 percent over last year's broadcast on The CW, which is great to hear for daytime. But I watched more out of obligation than enjoyment, and frankly, daytime fans--and stars--deserve better.


Eleven said...

I know they cut out a lot of other categories and that we should be grateful that we even got to see the Daytime Emmys, but I'm with you on the fact that we, and the soap stars, deserve better.

I don't watch ATWT, but even I was amazed at how crappy a tribute was given to a soap that's lived longer than I have. And I was furious when I heard someone say "Hurry up, Agnes, you only have 30 seconds" as Agnes Nixon was making her way to the stage to accept her lifetime achievement award.

GH is my soap of choice so I know how you feel about always wanting it to win any category it's nominated in. I was excited to see that JMB and the directing team won emmys and completely appalled that Sarah Joy Brown and Carolyn Hennesy didn't.

However, as sorry as I am for Bradford and Jonathan, I did get up and do a little happy dance when Billy Miller won. I love this guy. I loved him on AMC (back when I watched) and I adore him on Y&R. In my opinion, he was deserving.

A lot of stars were tweeting about how wonderful the show was. I don't know what I'm missing.

Heather said...

Am I the only one who thought Regis was just awful? Totally boring host (he's terrible on his own show!), entire night was a travel ad for Vegas and it was very little about actual soap stars, outside of Lucci anyway. Bandstand tribute was wayyy too long but Dick did get my heart at the end. Thank God for dvr or else I would have changed the channel! Let's pray we get a better host next year, is Whoppi asking for too much $$$?

Dawn Decker said...

Eleven, I was annoyed too by the Agnes "30 second" comment. That's exactly the type of thing we should have seen more of, instead of the lengthy Bandstand tribute, etc. And I don't know Billy Miller, but I know a lot of fans were thrilled that he won. That's why I missed the clip reels; would have loved to have seen a little bit of his work.

Heather, I definitely agree about Regis! He almost looked like he was sleepwalking through it! Whoopi would be a great choice to host; not sure if she would do it/if there's a money issue.

Kimberly said...

Thank you for reiterating my sentiments exactly....ESP the deleting of the clip reels. That was always one my favorite parts of the broadcast. I enjoy rewatching the clips of my favorite nominees, as well as seeing the work of the other nominees so I can judge their worthiness. :) I missed my year-long summary montage of all the nominees for best show and I missed seeing the nominees in the audience as the winner was announced. Overall, I just missed EVERYTHING that the show USED to be. And the icing on the cake was the complete disregard for the passing of sweet Frances Reid, AKA Alice Horton on Days. I am not a DOOL fan, but I can certainly acknowledge her importance in daytime history. Not even a picture and dates??? Seriously, last night was just a huge letdown.

Eleven said...

I thought Regis was just awful, too!

There was too much "Come to Vegas" stuff (even a tour of a freakin' hotel at one point) and not enough time given to soaps and tributes. That was my biggest gripe of all.

Dawn, I agree about the clips. I watch General Hospital regularly (OK, more like religiously) and I catch Y&R and OLTL when I can. Other than those, I don't know anyone from the other soaps. The clips really would have helped.

Party@Jakes said...

I missed most of the show (which I'm thankful for after reading everyone's comments), but I did miss the clip reels for individual actors, and the year long montage of the shows.