Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Only Thing Better Than One Denim Shirt ... Is Two Denim Shirts

It's hard to start off a recap of today's episode with anything other than Johnny and Olivia. I mean, holy shattered glass in the carpet! For a pairing that at first seemed nothing more than a gimmick ("ooh, this cougar thing seems to be taking off!"), I think they are one of the more interesting, dynamic and certainly the most passionate couple on the show right now--whether they're fighting or making up. Even though it always seems as if the odds are stacked against them, they always end up getting busy on the couch in the middle of a good bottle of wine and a plate of pasta. (And seems only right that they stay together since neither one of them have bedrooms in their apartments.) But hot sex and half-eaten chicken parm aside, their last scene together today was truly touching, and the main reason why we root for these two crazy kids to stick together. See, Lucky, you're not the only guy in Port Charles who's man enough to openly shed a tear or two.

Jolivia weren't the only ones steaming up the window panes in Port Chuck. The town's resident "denim twins," Steve and Lisa, also took it to the couch with a bottle of wine and dueling shirts that made me wonder if they started purposely coordinating clothes before they even officially became a couple. I have to say, I felt more awkward than anything watching these two. Which is a shame, because Steve is really hot. And I think I saw something ridiculous like an 8-pack when Lisa disrobed him of his denim. I'm actually surprised good guy Steve still hopped aboard SS Lisa knowing she really has the hots for Patrick and he's nothing more than a "Mr. Right Now." But I guess it's hard to say "no" when your buttons are being pulled at by a pretty blonde with a Nascar fetish. Denim Twin Powers ... Activate!

I actually started to like Maya Ward just a smidge today during her last scene with Ethan, before she got up and stormed out of the only casino known to man that's rarely open for business. Up until now, she has seemed mostly stiff and dull. And while I get that the whole "he likes her, she hates him" is a standard ploy for laying the groundwork of a potential couple, her sudden outburst at Ethan just seemed forced and judgemental. I dunno, am I missing something with her? With her and Ethan? Is this a MEthan in the making that's gonna take the Chuckles by storm?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Blog Lady,

Clearly the college years were the best of my life, as evidenced by how often I talk to Patrick about the good old days... and the fact that I'm rocking my late 90s demin shirt. The demin worked on Dr. Do Gooder, so don't knock it!

Dr. Lisa Niles

PS - Maya and Ethan are dreadfully boring.