Thursday, June 17, 2010

Judge Carroll Grants Michael's Release, Dante Rushes Home to "Celebrate"

So I missed a few scenes of today's episode, but I think I got the gist of what's going on. Dante visited Judge Carroll to plead with him for Michael's release, and for whatever reason, it actually worked this time. Then Dante got so worked up over his success--or perhaps the vision of the Judge looking devastatingly handsome in a shirt and tie--that he immediately ran home to Lulu and started tearing off clothing. Nothing like celebrating an 18-year-old's imminent release from prison with a little afternoon lovin'. BTW, what's the benefits package like over there at Crimson? Lots of paid time off I'm assuming?

Back to Judge Carroll for a minute: I've generally enjoyed his character, but what's with the rationale of throwing Michael in prison to get him away from Sonny? Yeah, I get it, the influence of a mob boss father is not a good one, but is incarceration with harden, dangerous criminals really a wise alternative? Six of one, half dozen of another, Judge Smarty Pants.

The most ill-conceived ploy ever, "Johnny Kristina Port Charles," ramped up today smack in the middle of the Chuckles' newest and most popular thoroughfare--Baker Street (also where Carly takes her fake yoga class, where the MEthan coffee incident took place, and now, where Sonny witnessed his daughter being "felt up" by Jay-Z). Something about this whole thing really disturbs me. Everything Sonny's done aside, it seems more than a little sick to get back at him by making him think a grown man is getting busy with his 17-year-old daughter, who's just getting over being violently abused. Given Kristina's habit of lying, and Jay-Z's habit of doing just about anything to lash out at Sonny, why isn't anyone taking a closer look into this? And hasn't Sonny learned yet that jumping to conclusions that may be false, and threatening to murder someone regardless, might not be his ultimate pathway to success? If I was Morgan, I'd start taking karate lessons in Japan ... family be crazy!

I hope Johnny doesn't get snuffed out though for messin' with the mob boss's daughter, as I'm really enjoyed this whole Odd Couple thing him and Ethan have going on right now. (Side Note: Is it possible for Maya to bitch anymore than she already does? Don't waste your pretend apartment on that nag, Big E.)

Cut to Pentonville, and more Shawshank Redemption scenes today between Jason Morgan Freedman and Michael Tim Robbins. Was Jason writing in a journal at one point? Meanwhile, this Pentonville gets more visitors than a Sunday open house over in the "good" part of town. I did feel bad for Michael at the end, though, when he said that mob life was the only future he could have after his time in the slammer. You know Michael's portrayer Chad Duell is probably thinking, "Great, how did I get stuck with this? Every other soap teen gets a fun, summer at the pool club storyline ... "


PartyAtJakes said...

Here's my take on GH today... Judge & Danta, blah, blah, blah, Jason & Michael, blah, blah... and then, hello Johnny Kristina Port Charles (I got that, and I LOVE that). Kristinny, or Johntina (I'm undecided) has my attention. What's the age diff? Maybe her 17 to JZ's 27ish? Bwah, ha, ha! Take THAT Sonny! Monica Quartermaine gets wind of that pairing and she'll be laughing at the sweet justice of it all (remember Emily Corinthos?). I'm usually pro-Sonny 24/7, but it's been too much fighter, not enough lover as of late.

Loving Ethan & Johnny almost as much as Kristina & Johnny. "Don't get ahead of yourself, Turbo."
"If Sonny's got a rocket launcher, which I'm sure he does..."

Alexis & Sonny should have a fling, that'd be fun. "Wanna drink?"... now, there's MY Sonny.

Loving the blog Dawn.

PartyatJakes said...

Um... anyone know who the child is in the picture behind Sonny's desk (in his restaurant/office scenes?). The child is blonde, but doesn't look like younger Michael? It's definitely not Kristina or Morgan. Anyone? Anyone?

Dawn Decker said...

I also was wondering about that pic in Sonny's office! The only thing I could think of is that it's suppose to be a younger version of this new Michael? I can't think of any other children it could be, but I could be missing something ...

Dawn D.