Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Bensonhurst Vs. Bensonhurst as Olivia and Connie Throw Down

It's been an extra busy week at work, and I missed yesterday's episode of General Hospital. So while I had read about Patrick and Lisa kissing a couple weeks ago, I missed everything yesterday that lead up to it actually happening. I wasn't happy at all about this development. While I'll be the first to admit that I'm simply not a Robin fan (never have been), there are aspects of Robin and Patrick's relationship that I appreciate. I think it's a very real-to-life relationship, relatively speaking, as far as soap couples go (not like some where, say, each party is on their 11th marriage), so it makes it even harder to see one cheat on the other. Also, I never really saw the character of Lisa as anything more than a ploy to cause conflict in Robin and Patrick's marriage after they resolved Robin's postpartum depression and the couple was seemingly beginning to live happily ever after. I never felt any kind of real chemistry between Patrick and Lisa; it all just seemed forced upon us by the writers.

I will say, though, that Brianna Brown, who plays Lisa, gave this scene hell. As Lisa said, it's easy to make her out to be the home wrecker, but let's not forget Patrick's part in all of this. Dude punched out his boss because he was so jealous that he was sleeping with his ex--whether that was the result of true feelings for Lisa or simply ego, Best Neurosurgeon in the World was up to no good, and has been for awhile. Truth.
Over by the docks, Maxie summoned Lucky to provide her with some protection on what us viewers know as the eve of Franco's return ("mad world, mad woooorrrlllld ..."). Although Maxie denied using the situation as a way to seduce Lucky, telling him "that was so four years ago," there's definitely something about these two interacting that I really enjoy watching. I'm almost on board to root for these two as the next potential big couple, but I'm not sure if Lucky is "bad boy" enough for Maxie, and I can't take yet another woman cheating on that poor man and his tear-filled eyes. I'm still not over the time he took the baseball bat to the Spencer living room after finding out about Liz and Nikolas.

I'm sad to have to remind all of you that Ethan is STILL sporting that wretched hairdo. My goodness, is this like the fourth or fifth day of that thing hanging like a marble sack on the back of this head? Honestly, in addition to how the camera people could possibly shoot footage of him like that while keeping a straight face, I also do not understand even in the slightest the point of those scenes between Maya and Ethan today. If she knew it wasn't really his apartment and if she knew he was involved in the mob, why did she go over there and act so into him all of a sudden? Only to do a complete 180 just because Johnny walked in? Oh, I don't like this Maya character. She's wasting my time. And hair aside, I really do like Ethan and would like to see him matched with someone interesting. I liked that they tried to tap back into the Ward history with Maya, but eh, sadly it's not working.
And then suddenly, the episode got a thousand times better. For starters, my man Coleman showed up. I'll say it yet again, I love absolutely anything that involves Coleman, and that includes his relationship with Kate, even though I was never a huge fan of her character before. But come on people, how can you argue with a mustache like that:
But then something happened that, dare I say, even topped Coleman. It was a good ol' fashion Bensonhurst brawl when Olivia showed up and started putting her "hoo-has" all up in Coleman's business--or at least Connie thought so. There were just so many classic lines in this scene, one of my favorites being Olivia to Connie: "Your mouth is writing checks that your ass can't cash." Ha! I almost want to get in an argument with someone just so I can use that. If you didn't see the scene today, please click here and watch it. I promise you it's worth it. Interesting to note that our other Bensonhurst babe, Brook Lynn, was on hand to witness the event, but stayed far out of the line of fire. Luckily, Patrick and Steve, who know a little something about brawling, were there to break the whole thing up before fists starting flying.

So, good stuff, right? Or are we just killing time (no pun intended) until the Franco show starts up tomorrow? What did you think of the Patrick and Lisa kiss? Maya and Ethan? The Bensonhurst Brawlers?


PartyatJakes said...

Please, I couldn't wait for this post to go up so I could get my two cents in! Your ass is writing checks your ass can't cash! That was GREAT!

You know what I thought was funny about the Patrick/Lisa scene? That when he finally does decide to go for it, he's pawing at her with his big ol' bandaged hand. Hot.

Agreed that Robin & Patrick's marriage is a bit refreshing... but Robin is a pain in the ass. She's not even entertaining when she's spicing things up (please refer to episode wherein she was dressed as a sex space alien). So it's time for Patrick to jump the shark.

I'm having a hard time following the justice system in Port Chuck... so, if Jason bolts, Dante loses his badge, Dante goes to prison, AND BECAUSE DANTE IS NO LONGER A COP, MICHAEL goes back to prison too?! C'mon people!

A great ConKate line during the Jake's fight, "with your boobs and trashy-too-young-for-your-top" to Olivia. Loved it.

My other favorite moment is Maxie sitting ALONE at NIGHT on the DOCKS with the threat of FRANCO looming, waiting for her police escort! Hey Maxie, you might want to try waiting in well lit 7-11 or someplace. I like Mxie & Lucky too, but agree w/ you Dawn, if Lucky's not "bad boy" enough, Lucky's going to have another go 'round with the baseball bat, and my heart can't handle that.

The Maya/Ethan thing was ridiculous, what was the point of her inviting herself over, and then changing her tune and busting Ethan for the nameplate downstairs?? Are there no other bachelorettes in PC these days? I don't want to see E. w/ Kristina (esp. since Luke & Sonny's offspring are already coupled up elsewhere)... but there doesn't seem to be anyone that would be a good match for him. Thoughts?

Dawn, knowing your love of Coleman, I knew today's episode would be a nice treat for you.

Dawn Decker said...

PartyAtJakes, this episode was so jam-packed that I forgot two important points that I wanted to address: Patrick and that HUGE bandaged hand while he was attacking Lisa on the couch, and the insanity that has become the Port Chuck justice system. Can the judge just make up his own rules in regards to Michael's release?! Like, he has to live with Dante, but if Dante loses his badge, then Michael goes back to Pentonville? And Michael won't go back to Pentonville if he sees Sonny, but he will if he sees Sonny too much? I understand it's a show and soaps in particular are known for pushing the limits of reality, but this is ridiculous. It doesn't even make any sense whatsoever.

Interesting question as far as who would make a good match for Ethan other than Kristina. There's so few options. Maybe Brook Lynn?