Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Port Charles' Not So Young and Restless Throw a Pity Party at Jake's

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I sure do love me some Coleman. The man just makes me smile. So whenever my favorite bartender and his dive bar, Jake's, get some screen time, I'm usually a happy girl. After all, Jake's is for all that's fun and carefree in the usual somber, macabre Port Charles--girls' nights out and tequila shooters, karaoke and non-wedding receptions, not to mention getting loaded and taking someone you have no business being with in the first place to the infamous "room upstairs." Just like the Docks are for overhearing other peoples' conversations and occasionally pushing someone into the water, Jake's is for letting your hair down and having a good time.

So who moved the old man pity party into our favorite watering hole today? Oh yes, that would Patrick, fresh off of punching Steve in the face and receiving a suspension from his position as Best Neurosurgeon in the World. He's soon joined by Luke, and the two try to reconcile their lives as former playboys who have now found themselves settled down as one-woman men.

After all that's been made about Patrick's wild bachelor days, that he would be struggling to adjust to the major changes in his life seems authentic to me. I'd even buy the ex-girlfriend jealousy thing ... but I just don't see any spark at all between Patrick and Lisa, even a "hey we use to do it a lot" spark. The whole Lisa thing seemed forced from day one just to cause some friction between Patrick and Robin. BTW, gotta love Lisa telling Patrick that, yes, her and Steve are "sleeping together" ... way to stay classy, Doc Niles. I might have gone with the more discreet "we're dating," or "we're enjoying each other's denim."

Anyway boys, next time you want to commiserate over how wild and fun you use to be, take it over to the Haunted Star. They need the patrons over there anyway. Leave Jake's for when you're in the mood for a round of sex on the beach shots and singing "Sweet Caroline" from the nearest table top.

Oh, and one other thing you should know about me: I adore Jonathan Jackson and "his" Lucky. So I've been particularly interested to see who he's going to be paired with next, romantically-speaking--Claire, Maxie, Maya, Alfred's daughter who has just moved to Windamere from Seattle (and that last one's just off the top of my head, GH writers; my resume is available upon request should you need further assistance). Personally, I've loved the few Lucky and Claire scenes we've had (Clucky!), although I like his chemistry with Maxie too. Today we got to see Lucky in the middle of a Claire-Maxie sandwich down at the precinct. So what do you think? Who does Lucky have the greatest chemistry with? Who do you want to see him coupled up with?

One last thing: Maxie's pink crutches. Fabulous.


Eleven said...

Had several things to comment on, but I'll keep it short.

1) I love Coleman. A lot.

2) Not a fan of Maxie/Lucky the first time around, but I can totally see it with Jonathan Jackson's Lucky (Not that I didn't love Greg Vaughan, 'cause I did). Although it kills my Spinelli loving heart to say this, I've become bored with Spixie.

3) Lisa is way more into Patrick than he's into her. It seems more that he's upset about Lisa & Steve because of his arrogance (How can any man measure up to me?) than because he wants to tap that. Maybe that's just me. Though I will let it be known that I have not been a fan of Robin's for some time now.

Well, I guess that wasn't as short as I thought it would be. ;)

PartyatJakes said...

"...Just like the Docks are for overhearing other peoples' conversations..." Bwah ha ha... so true!

Ladies, the only woman that should love Coleman more than we do is Kate. If not for her quirky pairing with Coleman she'd be out of a storyline, and likely a job.

I'm tired of Spixie too, but Lucky needs to get hooked up with someone new (Claire!)... and poor Matt Hunter has been waiting around foreva for Maxie.

Yes, I too was cracking up with Doc Niles "we're sleeping together". Chemsitry or not, I'm just happy to see something rocking Robin's (I just said rocking robin.) world.

Dawn Decker said...

Thanks for the comments! I, too, have become bored with Spixie. It feels like they're just repeating the same storyline with them. She wants danger and excitement. He feels inadequate. Over and over and over again. I think if they had moved past those initial challenges and we're now dealing with new/different obstacles, the relationship might still be interesting. Will definitely be interested to see where they go with Maxie and Matt and/or Maxie and Lucky.

Good point, Eleven, about Patrick being more upset because of his arrogance than because of Lisa. I definitely think that's true. The more she focuses on Steve, the more interested he becomes in her.

And oh yes, I try hard to be diplomatic, but not a fan of Robin. I, for one, am enjoying her time in Africa.

Terry said...

pink crutches, im sooooooo farkin' jealous, HOUGH JASS-OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!