Wednesday, June 23, 2010

General Hospital Violence Continues: Ethan Murders Plate of Eggs

As a woman with a forum to publicly express her views on the Internet by way of this blog, I find it necessary to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming from time to time to issue a public service, if I feel the message is of the utmost importance and will have an overwhelmingly positive impact on society as a whole. Today, my friends, is one of those rare times. Man or woman, I vehemently urge you to heed the advice I am about to impart. In the simplest of terms: Never, ever, under even the most extreme of circumstances, style your hair like this:

Now that that business has been taken care of, we can move on to all the many things that I love about the Spencer men. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm a huge fan of Jonathan Jackson's Lucky, and I've particularly enjoyed his interactions with Tony Geary since he's returned to the role. I'm happy, too, that Lucky and Luke are now in a place where their relationship is about more than just animosity and disapproval. I'm looking forward to seeing how this whole "Odd Couple" scenario plays out with Luke crashing at Lucky's apartment. I, for one, was amused from the moment Luke woke up drunk on Lucky's couch.

I didn't want to be too hard on Ethan after calling him out on the whole hair thing, but it's impossible to talk about today's episode without mentioning, well, The Eggs. I mean, home boy went Rambo on that plate of eggs. The man steals for a living. If he was that hungry, couldn't he have swiped a scone off of the Quartermaine credenza and ate it on the way over?

Elsewhere in the Chuckles, Doc Niles has decided that playing both sides of the fence is much more fun than playing just one. After Patrick tries to show up to work after yesterday's suspension, and Steve promptly escorts him back out, Lisa runs to Patrick to tell him that Steve is taking this whole fist to the face thing "a little too far" and she's totally on Patrick's side. Our perky orthopedist even goes so far as to promise Patrick that she'll talk to The Man She's Sleeping With on Patrick's behalf. Meanwhile, Lisa, don't you know that the first rule of Fight Club is that you don't talk about Fight Club? But once back at GH, Lisa snuggles up to Chief Stevie and tells him that Patrick crossed the line by hitting him and he deserves the suspension. Ooh, I didn't know she was that devious.

By the way, I know I'm splitting hairs when it comes to GH actually mirroring reality, but don't you think suspension would be the least of it if you punched your boss in the face in the middle of the workplace? And then called him an idiot? Even if your official title is Best Neurosurgeon in the World.


PartyatJakes said...

Oh, and the ketchup! A man after my own heart.

Your PSA about Ethan's hairdo is classic!

Eleven said...

I thought Ethan's Samurai hairstyle was a little distracting. I kept waiting for him to pull out a sword and spin-kick Tracy to the ground. And my God, The Eggs! It's a miracle he didn't choke on them.

I, too, am enjoying the "Odd Couple" thing Luke & Lucky have going on. And when all 3 of the Spencer men are together, all is right in Port Chuck.

Lisa...ooh, girl. You just ain't playin' right.

Your blog is such a fun read. I went back and caught up on all the ones I missed (well, from 2010). By the way, I am @TalkingCrayon on twitter.

Dawn Decker said...

Ha! I love the image of Ethan as a Samurai. I totally expect him to be wearing one of those long silk robes today on the show (with his pocket chain still somehow attached, of course).

And thanks, Eleven, for all the great feedback both here on the blog and on Twitter. Can't tell you how happy I am that people are starting to discovered it, and are having as much fun reading the posts as I have writing them.