Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wednesday, 7/2/08: Ian Devlin Is Reincarnated as Matt Hunter

So now that Logan Hayes is thisclose to biting some Port Charles dust, we're seeing a lot more of him now than in the last several weeks. Too bad it doesn't look like Scotty's son will be going out on a high note--pathetically groveling at Lulu's feet and selling "discounted" drugs to docs. I've said this before, but considering he is Scotty's son, I thought he'd get better treatment from the GH writers than these "filler" storylines and, well, imminent death.

And speaking of selling discounted drugs to docs, Matt Hunter is even more of an original character than I thought. I mean really, doesn't he seem like Dr. Ian Devlin all over again? Just wait til he starts hitting on all the nurses. For so much hype about this actor/character coming to GH, I'm completely unimpressed.

Really loving anything to do with Sonny and Carly these days ... loved their shouting match on Wednesday's episode!

BTW, I crack up every time I see Bernie, aka, Mr. Lipman from Seinfeld!

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