Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday, 7/22/08: Technical Difficulties

I wrote a long post about today's episode, went to "publish" it ... and then the web site crashed and I lost the whole thing. Sigh.

So in lieu of my fabulous, witty, insightful post (since I'm just too tired to recreate it) a few questions to ponder:

-Are Carly and Jax really headed for divorce court, or will the marriage be saved?

-How soon before Carly retaliates against Kate for sabotaging her marriage? Will Carly (and Spinelli) finally unearth Connie Falconari?

-If not with each other, when is GH going to pair up Claudia and Jason with someone? How many times can Jason and Elizabeth accidentally bump each other and look sad, and Claudia throw herself at Sonny, only to be rejected? You've got your hottest stars with no love interests, GH?

-How downright creepy is Anthony Zacchara? Cutting Trevor's heart out of his chest and making him eat it ... enough said.

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