Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, 7/14/08: Monday Is the New Friday

So forget Fridays; today was the mother of all cliffhangers on General Hospital.

First, I can't tell you how much I love Maxie and Spinelli. Although after hearing that Matt Hunter was brought on as a potential love interest for Maxie, I had pretty much resigned myself that her and Spin would always just be friends. Even after seeing that commercial that GH has been playing for days now -- the one where it looks like Max and Spin are about to have sex and the voice-over guy says something like, "Tuesday is the day that Spinelli's dream finally comes true" -- I figured it must be some trick, like Spinelli was just dreaming it all. But after today's kiss, it looks like it might really happen for these two ... well, at least once! Love how she confided the whole truth about the Crabby Commando's murder to Spin, and how sweet he was to her ... what a cutie!

Then we have Uncle Mac setting Claudia and Jason free and claiming he knows who killed Logan. If he found something in Claudia's car or on surveillance to implicate Johnny, then I can't imagine that he'd let Claudia go. And I can't imagine he's picked up on Loo Looo's awful attempts to cover her guilt ... only because that would wrap up the storyline too quickly. Oh Uncle Mac, what do you have hiding up your tan Sears suit sleeve this time?

The show also ended with Kate claiming to Sonny that she'd have to be seen in public with Jax again, as the gossip is doing Crimson a world of good in the publicity department. Boy, this woman is really pressing her luck. Sonny, the silk-suited ticking time bomb, actually didn't explode when he saw the photograph of her head in Jax's lap AND she's just convinced him to walk away the next time an irate Carly attacks ... geez, cut your losses Kate and if you really want to help Crimson, focus on publishing the best damn article possible on skinny belts.

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