Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thursday, 7/3/08: Logan Hayes Turns Psycho

Whoa, so I totally didn't see the Logan storyline taking the turn that it did on Thursday. I haven't read any GH spoilers in awhile, or maybe I wouldn't have written off the "Logan is still obsessed with Lulu" plot line as anything more than a precursor to his mob-related death. I definitely didn't expect him to go all psycho on Lulu and Maxie. One question: Didn't it seem like Lulu stared at Logan attacking Maxie just a little too long? Why wasn't she running for a phone to call 911?! Was she in shock? Maxie could have been raped or killed in the time that Lulu was just staring at the window!

Also, I'm surprised that all of a sudden Logan is focusing all of his anger and resentment over his failed relationship with Lulu on Maxie. He hasn't been a big fan of Maxie's for quite awhile, but he usually reserves his Lulu bitterness for Johnny. Maybe he realized it was going to be a lot easier to pick on a 95-pound woman than the Prince of Darkness.

Love that Carly is putting Spinelli to work to dig up some dirt on Kate. Wonder if he'll uncover Kate's true identity?

Speaking of Spinelli, I was disappointed that Diane discouraged him from taking a legit job at Jax's firm. Regardless of Jax's motives (although I think it's a little far-fetched to "get back" at Jason for his connection with Carly by taking Spinelli away from him), wouldn't Diane like to see the Jackal go legit and excel at a "real" job?

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