Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday, 7/15/08: The Jackal Becomes a Man

I love Spinelli. So it was really cool to finally see him get the girl today ... and get a little somethin' somethin' too while he was at it ;) The sex scene between him and Maxie was really sweet ... it was typical Spinelli as he fumbled with Maxie's buttons, but I'm glad Bradford Anderson didn't play it TOO silly. It was believable and not too over the top, which he tends to be sometimes. And how funny was Spin with Jason afterwards?! I thought he was going to tell Stone Cold not to enter the apartment if there was a tie or a sock or something wrapped around the door knob ... hee hee.

Unfortunately, poor Spinelli's happiness only lasted about half an episode. I thought it made sense that Maxie would regret sleeping with Spin because of their friendship, and I'm not sure what GH has planned for these two (I've been trying to avoid spoilers lately) ... but I hope Spin winds up with someone, even if it can't be Maxie. Hey, gettin' some has gotta help him with his confidence, right?!

God, is Loo Looo the biggest brat or what? The only thing ruining this Logan storyline for me is that she's smack in the middle of it. When she yelled at Tracy, she sounded about all of five years old.

Dude, what's up with Sonny? Did retiring from the mob strip him of all his manhood as well? What Sonny do we know who would stand for a woman making a fool out of him with another man?! Kate encouraging the rumor that she's involved with Jax to bolster Crimson is an insult to her fiance ... I'm shocked that he's standing for it. Seems Carly's words are getting to him as he claimed that he was not going to become "Mr. Kate Howard."

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