Sunday, July 13, 2008

Friday, 7/11/08: I Want My "Next on General Hospital" Back

I've said it before, but now that it seems like a permanent change, I'll say it again ... I'm so annoyed that GH no longer ends with previews of the next episode, but instead with commercials for other ABC soaps. I understand ABC is trying to entice GH viewers to watch All My Children, etc., etc., but I can't imagine a preview enticing enough that I'm going to commit to a second hour of daytime viewing each day. I'm sure AMC and One Life to Live are excellent shows, but I just don't care. I much preferred getting a sneak peak at the next episode of GH.

So I mentioned on a couple of occasions that I didn't want Logan to die ... but now that the poor guy's officially eaten some Zacchara carpet, I am glued to the aftermath. I love how so many characters are tied into the story, and unlike the Text Message Killer storyline, there's no wondering as to what really happened or who did it. We saw the whole thing go down, and now we can just sit back and enjoy every last repercussion.

I'm especially enjoying Anthony in the wake of the Logan murder -- which is saying a lot, as the man who spews "Loo Looo" every chance he gets seriously creeps me out. But I loved how he ordered Claudia to testify that she saw Jason kill Logan (really? Claudia would make a credible witness? against Jason of all people?!) and then cornered Maxie to get the "real" story.

So is the Robin-Patrick storyline--the one where Robin whines for MONTHS about how Patrick doesn't want to be a father no matter how many times he says he does--really over in the wake of Friday's court scene? Dare to dream. My fast forward button could use a rest.

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