Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday, 6/19/08: Uncle Mac Needs to Get Laid

I actually thought the Robin silliness was finally coming to an end. We've endured the exaggerated cravings, constant talk of peeing, and general "I'm the worst depiction of a pregnant woman ever" whining and complaining. We suffered through the ridiculous video blog wars and "baby daddy" and "baby momma momma" nonsense. Now this latest stupidity with Mac hiring Epiphany to care for Robin and keep her baby's father away from her, no matter how much he's trying to be there for her. It all seemed like it was FINALLY coming to an end today with Robin standing up for herself and sending Epiphany home, and then Patrick standing up to Mac ... right until the point where Mac arrested Patrick ... and, as we find out from the coming attractions, for stalking Robin! Remember back in the 90s when Mac was cool and kicked ass and got laid? WTF happened?! Can't they give Mac anything better to do? It's a shame that his character has such history and he's still on the show after all these years, but he's so pathetically back-burner.

I know I should be reacting to the fact that Jason keeled over from a potentially deadly virus today, but I'm still getting over the visual of a random man showing up at the door in a Haz-mat suit, dropping off a pamphlet while mumbling something about "virus" and "quarantined," and then getting the hell out of there. Surreal. I'm not too worried about Jason's chances of survival, but I am curious if he spills any dark secrets in his sick, delirious state.

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