Sunday, June 29, 2008

Friday, 6/27/08: Robin Scorpio Is My Lex Luthor

I have never liked Robin. Ever since she first came on as a child, she has grated on my every last nerve. I find her whiny and annoying. When I realized that Robin was in it for the long haul on GH, I really truly tried to like her. Even with this latest pregnancy storyline, I've tried to stick with it and learn to appreciate (or at least tolerate) Robin. From what I read in soap mags and on Web sites, it appears that many GH viewers do like her. So how hard could it be to sit through her storylines? Impossible ... that's how hard it is. So hard it's impossible. I have gotten so tired of her over-exaggerated pregnancy ailments and hypocritical bratty-ness about Patrick's involvement with the baby, I've resorted back to my tried-and-true Robin technique--fast forward. I mean, is it me, or have Robin and Patrick been repeating the same argument/dialogue day after day, week after week, for months now?

Funny too, because I recently tried to post a comment on Robin's blog ("Robin's Daily Dose," The comments are moderated, so they do not automatically appear. I checked back several times ... and the comment was never posted! I have no idea why. The comment was neither negative nor inappropriate, so I'll have to assume that Robin doesn't like me either :)

But for as much as I dislike Robin, that's how much I love Anna. So when she returned to GH on Friday, right smack in the middle of the Robin and Patrick storyline, I had a big decision to make ... to fast forward or not to fast forward. I ended up suffering through the scenes, but I'm not sure if even Anna can keep me from skipping over anything to do with Robin.

We saw more of the new doc, Matt Hunter, on Friday and I'm still not impressed. I mean, wow, a GH resident who thinks he's God's gift. The GH writers really thought outside the box with this one to come up with a totally new, unique character. And I just don't find this guy even remotely attractive. Seriously, what's up with that full beard? Are you in witness protection?!

I really don't understand Carly's tactic in explaining the mob spawn. Sonny paid her a visit to confront her on whether the baby was his or not ... and she's claiming it's Jason's? From Sonny's perspective, how can she be so sure? Whether or not she slept with Jax or Jason or whomever, Sonny knows for a fact that she slept with him and can easily do the math to say, ok, it's right about the time she should be showing symptoms. So how can she claim to Sonny with such certainty that it's not his? And is he buying this lame cover story?

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