Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friday 6/6/08: Shut Your Mouth Lulu

Carly telling Lulu to "shut your mouth" on Thursday truly was bittersweet. Sweet because someone finally said what we've all been thinking; bitter because it seemed like it only made Lulu talk more. On Friday, she became SuperLulu, able to mediate mob wars, protect her grieving brother, clock in a few minutes at Crimson, and make it back to her and Johnny's love shack all in a single bound. Careful Lu, keep up this yapping and poor Johnny's going to reach around that shack for the closest pair of garden shears and chop his own ears off. "Anything to make her stop!!!!"

And while I love that Maxie dared to suggest that the daytime Devil Wears Prada, Miss Kate, might actually be wrong ... I don't think she actually was in this case. I agree that Spinelli is a good-hearted guy, but in what place of business would he be allowed to drop in at will, socialize with the staff, and disrupt the normal flow of business? Why haven't any of Spinelli's many "mentors" suggested that he might have better luck with his fair Maximista if he wasn't always hounding the poor girl at work?!

Speaking of good-hearted Spinelli, Sonny's "freak boy" tirade was particularly disturbing. Bad enough he shoved his head against a post not too long ago. I realize Sonny's suppose to be the tough mob guy who can't tolerate the eccentric kid, but come on, this is like fifth-grade-level bullying. Can someone (um, yeah, that would mean you Jason) intervene on Spinelli's behalf, and put an end to this creepy and unnecessary dynamic?

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