Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday, 6/16/08: Sonny Gets Freaky Again

I swear, I am thisclose to writing a letter to GH ... another Sonny "freaky boy" tirade against Spinelli?? Really GH, that's the best you can do? It's just weird and creepy and disturbing and wrong to hear this aging, greasy mobster picking on a young, obviously defenseless kid. And while I get that Spinelli being the ultimate loser is part of his character--and his charm--does absolutely everything have to go wrong for him, and does everyone have to treat him so poorly? I really like Spinelli for the most part (sometimes the babbling gets a little out of control) but it's hard watching him get picked on and mistreated so badly all the time.

So it was maybe only a minute ago that Lulu apologized to Carly for being completely ignorant and self-absorbed and running to her about Johnny, like, a second after Michael was shot ... and yet there she is again, off and running to push her Johnny issues on another relative who has way bigger fish to fry. Do we really have to listen to this girl blather every other day, "oh my gosh, I love Johnny but he's in the mob and what do I do and I want your 'sage advice' but really just because it gives me another chance to talk because I'm going to ignore anything you say anyway so I can be with Johnny because I've never felt this way before." Eck, she makes me want to ram my head into my TV set.

How is Uncle Mac going to pay Epiphany to monitor Robin around the clock when the head nurse has a full-time job at GH?

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