Saturday, September 18, 2010

Random Thoughts on the Past Few Weeks of General Hospital

So I haven't written a General Hospital recap in about two or three weeks now. Blame it on an especially hectic work schedule and the worst allergies I've had in years. By the time I get home, I have just enough energy to lay on the couch and catch up on that day's GH. Basically, The Nurses Station needs a nurse! Or something stronger than this pricey box of Claritan.

But even through the haze of this sinus headache and congestion, I've managed to put together some thoughts on the latest goings-on on my favorite soap. And since I miss my blog, and especially my blog friends, I thought I'd share them with you:

Ronan O ... Really?
If you're a regular reader of my blog, or if you follow me on Twitter, you know I adore Lucky (as reincarnated by Jonathan Jackson) and definitely relish in any screen time he gets. But this Ronan O'Reilly storyline? OK, I know enough by now to leave a grasp of reality at the door when General Hospital comes on, but this is far-fetched even by soap standards. So Lucky just happens to look EXACTLY like this Irish killer dude, to the point where people who knew Ronan O'Reilly don't suspect that Lucky is a different guy? The writers couldn't have come up with anything more plausible than this? Ugh. Not to mention, I think Jonathan Jackson must have worked it into his contract that he must be able to do his Irish accent every couple of months on the show. We're BFFs forever, Lucky, but the finger I use to hit fast-forward on my DVR is starting to twitch when Ronan O'Reilly comes on.

Brenda's Laugh Vs. Suzanne's Cleavage
It's almost like GH added four characters instead of two when it brought on Brenda and her assistant Suzanne, if you count Brenda's glass-shattering laugh and Suzanne's ever-growing cleavage. When all four are on screen together, I'm afraid my TV is going to explode.

If Brenda Won't Come to Port Charles ...
Well, Port Charles will just have to come to Brenda. While I still wish Brenda would get on over to The Chuckles already, it has been good to finally see her interacting with some of our favorite characters. I loved watching her reunion with Sonny (it was too short and their parting was anticlimactic ... but at least I know we haven't seen the last of them together) and I'm equally enjoying her scenes now with Jason. Those two together have always cracked me up ... I love their love-hate brother-sister type relationship. And I never get tired of skinny Jason flashbacks.

Where Have I Seen This Storyline Before?
First, the Nikolas-Brook Lynn storyline reminded me of My Fair Lady. You know, the rich gentleman tries to refine the poor low-class girl. But given Brook's history, maybe Pretty Woman is a better movie comparison. I'm not a huge Brook Lynn fan, and Nikolas I can usually take or leave. So the two of them together ... well, I'd almost rather watch Spencer in a sweater vest play in a sandbox. The writers definitely threw me a curve ball with this pairing and, who knows, maybe it'll grow on me ... but for now, I'm ready for both of them to ship off to that chateau in France Nikolas keeps rattling on about. Bon Voyage!

Killin' Time in Between Brenda
There was a time when I was actually starting to like Claire. But I'm well over that now. And I'm just plain bored by her with Sonny. I'm placing a call to Judge Carroll to see if he can get her shipped on back to DC. He's got crazy powers like that.

Lisa and Scrubs
The Lisa, Robin and Patrick storyline has been one of my favorites. Brianna Brown has made straight-up crazy very entertaining to watch, and I thought the emotional scenes between Robin and Patrick after Patrick revealed the truth about sleeping with Lisa were some of the best I've seen on GH in a long time. I've been patient with this somewhat convoluted scheme of Patrick and Robin's to make Lisa believe that she has, in fact, torn the couple apart for good. But after watching this past Friday's episode, I'm a little confused with where the writers are taking the storyline now. Patrick and Maxie practically yelling about the "secret" plan in the middle of General Hospital? Um, did you guys think sneaky, conniving Lisa wasn't going to hear you? Girlfriend lives to lurk around hospital corners.

Other Thoughts
  • Carly and Jax fight one day, make up the next (including one very naked day in Jax's office a week or so ago), then fight again ... I've lost track as well as my will to care. I did think it was hilarious that one time, post-naked, when Carly had the Post-it in her hair!
  • I really enjoy Kristina and Ethan's scenes together. I'm totally on board with the possibility of the two of them becoming a couple one day, although it is a little difficult to get over just how much younger Kristina looks compared to Ethan.
  • Maya and Ethan ... OK, there was a kiss recently, but I'm proud to report that there has been no more dancing! I repeat: No more dancing! Prayers. Answered.
  • A Coleman sighting made my day earlier this week, although I wonder what will become of my favorite bartender now that Megan Ward, and Kate, will be leaving GH for good? No more custom shirts?


Kelly said...

The show has been lackluster lately. I was a HUGE Sonny&Brenda fan and Brenda fan. Her return is disappointing. The best and what I've been watching for is Robin and Patrick's storyline. Agree about their scenes being the best in awhile and I love Ethan and Kristina scenes. Great chemistry and a nice slow build. I don't think Ethan is that much older than her or looks that much older. He's alittle immature and you cut some hair and shave him, he looks her age. Plus Sonny&Brenda,L&L had like 10 yr age difference. So as soon as they let her out of HS this year, I'm on board for them as a couple.

PartyatJakes said...

Thanks again for getting me all caught up. I fell way behind with back to school. Agreed that this whole Lucky/Irish storyline is as far fetched as they come.

The Patrick/Robin thing is great, and it looks like Lisa's only getting started, so I'm glad I didn't miss all that excitement.

I'm glad I've missed most of this Nicholas/Brooklyn thing.. but I did want GH to shake it up a little where couples were concerned, so I guess I have to watch what I wish for!

In closing, I would like to inappropriately and loudly laugh like Brenda - WAHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!