Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One for the (Stone) Ages

Stone 2010
 STONE!! He was only on for a minute or two at the end of today's episode, but I'm still freaking out like Brooklynn on a private jet to France. Honestly, I don't know if I can compose myself long enough to say anything other than ... STONE!!! I loved this character beyond words and even if he's only a vision at the bottom of a well, I am so flippin' happy he's back on GH. By the way, I barely recognized Stone 2010 without the long hair and denim vest ...

Stone 1993
While Robin is entertaining one very hot figment of her imagination down in that well, the rest of Port Charles is in a mad scramble to find her. Since when are Steve and Patrick experts in criminal psychology? Because they've taken it upon themselves to devise a little scheme to wear Lisa down enough that she'll spill where Robin is. It's a bit of a good cop-bad cop routine where Steve acts concerned for Robin and Patrick acts like she must have just taken off like she did when she had post-partum depression. Hmm. More like Keystone Cops.

"You may have the world's greatest pecs, but I'M the world's great neurosurgeon!"
  Maxie is handling the crisis by asking Johnny to use his mob connections to find Robin. I was wondering, though: If she needed mob connections, why not go straight to the mob gold standard, Sonny Corinthos? Especially given Sonny's close ties to Robin?

Mac is also taking matters into his own hands. After dismissing Patrick's claims just yesterday that Robin had met with foul play, in today's episode, he's convinced that Lisa kidnapped her. And he's willing to throw the PCPD rule book out of the window to find her, authorizing an illegal search of Lisa's car and apartment and arresting Doc Niles in the middle of General Hospital. Once he has her in the interrogation room, Angry "I haven't had sex in 15 years" Mac rears his ugly head. I like when Mac told her that she was not the first whack job he's dealt with. I also liked when he started spitting out names--Ryan Chamberlain, Faith Rosco, Jerry Jax--that probably meant nothing to a Port Charles newbie like Lisa. I mean, really Mac, way to kick it old school with the Ryan Chamberlain reference.

"No really, it's the universal sign for choking. I learned it in med school."
Of course, no one asking Sonny for his help in finding one of his dearest friends has freed him up to spend more time with Claire Walsh.

"Let's see if my super sperm can penetrate this afghan."
  Honestly, these two just bore me. I pretty much felt like Molly did when she rolled her eyed while Sonny and Claire were planning their spur-of-the-moment beach getaway. You could probably hold a Miss America pageant with the number of women who have heard that "pack light and bring a bathing suit" line from Sonny. By the way, I loved when Sonny said to Molly "it was me she was after" in regards to Claire causing Michael to be sent to prison, and Molly responded, "I guess she got you now" ... ha! That kid usually loses me on the poetry and the match-making, but she was a riot today.

"That old line again, Uncle Sonny?"
 Have I mentioned lately just how much I love Jason and Brenda (or Brazen if you will)? I adore anytime these two are on screen together, and have been loving Jason's time in Rome. I love their bickering, their chemistry, their whole brother-sister/love-hate/frenemy dynamic. Case in point:

Brenda: My heart's not safe there!
Jason: Your heart? That's not my problem.

 And I loved Brenda's tearful speech that came after that exchange about why she doesn't want to go back to Port Charles: "I don't want to be around people I love. I don't want to be around people who can hurt me." Sniff. Sniff.

In case you missed today's episode, you missed practically nothing over in Ireland. Lucky is still talking in that accent, even to Dante while Dante is blatantly talking about him being undercover. Lulu, who really isn't a cop or otherwise qualified, is still on another continent somehow trying to save her brother from a notorious, deadly crime figure. Siobhan the Irish chick is still storing something--a cat, dead bodies, the Blarney Stone--underneath that knit cap on her head. Oh right, there was one new development: Siobhan and her knit cap stowed away in "Ronan O'Reilly's" closet long enough to hear Lulu, Dante and Lucky in his Yankee accent talking about how he's undercover as Ronan.
"So it 'tis the real Ronan O'Reilly under me cap."
Oh, and before I wrap up this recap, I'll leave you with one last thought on today's GH ... STONE!!! 

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