Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Kleenex, my fellow GHers. Lots and lots of Kleenex. That's how I got through today's Robin and Stone scenes. It was all kinds of emotional and heart wrenching and nostalgic. And sweet bajeezus, if Michael Sutton doesn't look even hotter than he did in the 90s.

Let's just take a moment to bask in the Stone-ness of it all, shall we?

Content Stone

Playful Stone

Attentive Stone
I particularly loved when he told Robin at the end, "That's why I'm here. Because I'm part of you."

And then, completely ruining my Stone high, there was just a whole lot of nonsense mixed in between. Let's just get this whole Ethan thing out of the way first. Now, I love Ethan's character and think he's all kinds of cute ... but I don't understand what happens with this man's hair sometimes. Just when it seemed like he had finally moved past the half-bun ... you remember the half-bun, right? ...

apparently now he has gone to the local hair salon and asked for the Charles Manson.

And while I understand they're "mates" and all, why is Ethan asking to use Johnny's penthouse for his dates? Isn't that just a little odd and even borderline creepy (like, are they gonna get busy in there)? If a guy took me on a date to another guy's apartment, I'm pretty sure it would make me realize that I was dating the wrong guy. But aside from some initial resistance, our gal Maya seems relatively unfazed. So much so that, yes people, I'm afraid to say there was more of it. Yes, I mean dancing. But on this Day of Stone, I refuse to dwell on the horrific. A few deep cleansing breathes and all should be right with the world again. Take it away, Spinelli ...

 OK, good as new! Now on to Ireland, the land of a thousand fake brogues. Siobhan is still hiding in the closet, listening to Lucky, Dante and Lulu prattle on about how Lucky's working undercover as Ronan O'Reilly. The three leave and Siobhan exits the apartment, thinking the coast is clear. But Lucky returns in time to catch her leaving and realizes his cover is blown. He runs after her to confront her and even tries giving her one more dose of the O'Reilly brogue. But it's too little, too late for our favorite leprechaun, as the Irish jig is definitely up.
While Lucky's trying to win over Siobhan with the old "my fiance slept with my brother" line, Dante and Lulu are dodging herds of sheep in the Irish country ...
So that's where we'll likely pick things up tomorrow--dodging sheep in the Irish countryside. And I'll be going through Post Traumatic Stone Syndrome. For as much as I loved that he was brought back, I can't believe he's gone already. And as much as I'm a faithful GH watcher to this day, it's just another reminder, like those classic episodes leading up to Brenda's return, of how good this show use to be.


Kelly said...

Stone!! Great episode, if you take away the horrible Maya stuff. Ethan needs to cut his hair or keep it in a ponytail. Maya&Ethan are awful together and there should be a law against them dancing. But back to the awesome.. Stone&Robin.. YAY! So awesome, still have great chemistry and hopefully Robin will move forward.

PartyatJakes said...

First let's get this out of the way... Ethan's hair!!! What the hell?! I was in awe.. I actually thought it was a very nice mid-90s female hair style. The curl, the lack of frizz.. it was darling, for a woman.

I'm going to take a page out of Robin's book and carefully age progress the exes, lest I need to recall their image should I become trapped in the bottom of a well. It would be nice not to expect them with the Jason Priestly 90210 hair, floppy skater hairdos, etc.

Kudos to Robin for kickin the ex recall up a notch.

And while I agree that GH was at it's hayday with Brenda, Robin, Stone.. my dislike of Robin kept me from truly appreciating the Robin/Stone storyline or subsequent reunion.

It does give me hope that we'll see Zander the next time Liz is knocking on death's door.

Love the screen shots!